Friday, April 17, 2020

Delicate Hand-Embroidery With Sequins and Beads On Tulle

hand embroidered owl on tulle

owl detail

Yekaterina Cherevataya is an embroidery artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. After she graduated from the Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design, she founded Cheka Hand Embroidery Studio in 2012. Initially the artist was creating jewelry but with over 7 years of professional experience and constantly exploring new embroidery methods and techniques, she is now making elaborate hand-embroidered clothing pieces, couture headbands, hats and much more.

Her work is inspired by Ukrainian traditional embroidery, and has very delicate and feminine quality. She uses tulle as a material to decorate it with gold embroidery, applique, bead work and ribbons, silk and rhinestones. She has designed fashion apparel in collaboration with well-known fashion designers of Ukraine and has worked with Valeria Kovalskaya, Victoria Gres, Elena Reva, Artem Klimchuk, Anna Arutyunova, Julia Polishchuk, Kristina Mamedova, Elena Ivanova and the RUSLAN BAGINSKIY brand. Also, she hand embroidered a custom hat that was worn by Madonna.

She recently embroidered an owl on tulle with sequins and beads, I am in love with this piece! You can watch her in action and find more of her work on Instagram.