Friday, June 26, 2015

Luckyjuju: Katia Ferris

Katia Ferris is an artist and a crafter from San Francisco, CA. She hand crafts these lovely dolls called "Luckyjuju" that sell out in minutes after being listed. Luckyjuju dolls are handmade from new and vintage fabrics, felt, lace, ribbon, yarn and polyfill stuffing. The faces on the dolls are hand embroidered with floss. Each doll is one-of-a-kind dressed with removable clothes for easy cleaning. You may want to keep your eyes peeled if you want to buy something you like. 

Thanks "Jenng" for introducing us to Katia's lovely dolls.

Pure Beginnings Organic Skin Care: Package Design

Pure Beginnings is a family owned business based in South Africa that offers a wide range of organic skin care products for both kids and adults. Pure Beginnings products combine traditional herb botanicals with some of Africa’s most beneficial plant ingredients and are organically formulated with certified organic ingredients. Besides producing some of the award winning products they have also made a great package design.

The labels have fun animal graphics in a clean and simple design that will be enjoyed by kids as well as parents. The kids range feature endearing characters like owl, monkeys and bee that will keep your little ones enthralled at bath time.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oxidos Wall Clocks

These wall clocks are so cool! Oxidos offers a unique and artistic range of wall clocks that are handcrafted in Columbia from recycled material and decorated with brightly colored paints. They come in adorable designs such as owl, chicken, bird, whale, cow, hot air balloon and many, many more. Every clock has a part which works as a clever pendulum, for example for the owl clock tail works as a moving pendulum and for the chicken clock it's the feet that moves as a pendulum. 

These clocks will make a cute decorative piece for any room in the house and will make the timekeeping so much more fun. You can find the clocks shown above and more here.

Dr. Pepper and M&M's Owl Cupcakes

Michelle of Delicate Construction shared this tutorial on how to whip up some fun owl cupcakes which are actually super easy to make! She used some cake mix, Dr. Pepper, Skittles in assortment of colors, M&M’s Plain, Life Savers Hard Candy and chocolate. 

I have shared several recipes to make owl cupcakes in the past but I adore this one the most because of the use of bright colors that are sure to please both children and adults. They are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers,  picnics or any other occasion. The best part is these cupcakes can be color coordinated with the theme of your party. For the entire recipe and instructions you can go to Michelle's blog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

BSL Art Quilts

Barbara Strobel Lardon is a textile artist who makes Art Quilts from her home studio. She majored in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. After working in the traditional style, she began to create original works of her designs using raw edged fusing technique and machine quilting them on Bernina Sewing Machine.

Her work is focused on nature, animals and wildlife which is due to the influence of her surroundings and life in the small town of Greenbush Wisconsin in the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Her quilts are like paintings created with fabric. Her art quilts published in two of the finest quilting magazines - Quilt featured her "Great Horned Owl" and Art Quilting Studio featured "Urban Sprawl". She welcomes commission work, if you have something in mind that you would like her to make for you can contact her through her website or find the work that is available for purchase on her online store. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sleeping Masks by Ööloom

Ööloom is a company based out of Tallinn, Estonia with a team of people who have designed these cool sleeping masks so you can have a good night sleep. They have it all figured out. They calculated that "an average person sleeps about 200,000 hours during his or her lifetime – over 22 years in total. This is too much for sleep to be taken lightly!" They took it upon themselves to design something which will give you a sound shut-eye so you wake up fresh the next morning. 

Ööloom sleeping masks are hand made by a small group of ladies with the finest Estonian felt. These fun animal sleeping masks come in several designs including owl, fox, giraffe, bat and more. They will block out light as well as keep your forehead warm. The next time you are travelling or want to have a peaceful sleep at home you should get one of these masks for yourself.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Package Design: Obscuritas Dark Sour

The Hired Guns Creative team has created this beer branding and packaging design for Driftwood Brewery’s new Obscuritas Dark Sour brew which won't fail to grab your attention and notice the brand. 

“Resting patiently in the wooden shadows was this creature of the night. Seldom seen, but whose presence was always respected by all life in the backyard, this elusive predator was never captured.” - via.

The beer bottle features an intense looking great horned owl staring at you with the plumage wrapping the bottle perfectly in symmetry. The owl illustration in single color stands out against the dark brown beer bottle. 

“Our approach to naming this beer was to evoke the owl’s dark, mysterious nature, while retaining its exalted position, using an invented word that embodies the individuality of this dark sour.”