Friday, October 9, 2015

Kate Spade FW15

New owl things by Kate Spade that any owl lover will love to get their hands on. I adore the watch and the push pins. What's your favorite?

{From top-left: iphone case, metro owl strap watch, "hawthorne lane owls monday" crossbody clutch, owl bag charm, owl push pins, owl belt, wedding belles love owls clutch. Available here and here}.

Free Halloween Invitation and More

Here are some cute printables to prepare you for the spookiest night of the year. These owl invitation and matching cupcake toppers in the traditional orange and purple will be a great fit for any Halloween party. The invitation design features an owl in a witch hat along with its friends - bats. The cupcake topper template has four different owls one with the text "boo!". 

You can download the invitation and cupcake toppers from here.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY: Halloween Puppet Theater

Let the children use their imagination and create stories with the help of these finger puppet creatures. The paper theater will make a great activity where the whole family can spend time together creating and entertaining each other for hours! Made by Joel shared the printable templates for the Halloween puppet theater and the owl, bat, ghost, pumpkin and cat. You can find the instructions and free templates that are ready to print from here.

'Edelweiss' by Accessorize

'Edelweiss' by Accessorize is a new design collection featuring floral patterns along with owls, deer, and rabbits in delightful colors. The print is available on number of products including notebooks, pens, desk organizer, flask, cards and gadget case. Those cute owl and fox shaped hand-warmers can go anywhere with you.

You can find all the products shown above and more from the collection on Accessorize's website.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Temporary Tattoo Projects for Halloween

Temporary tattoos is a fun way to decorate anything. They are easy to use and can promptly be removed when you are done with them. I discovered these wonderful tattoo projects titled Irresistible Ink from October Martha Stewart Living Magazine. Stephanie Tamez, a tattoo artist from Brooklyn designed these spooky-cool printable temporary tattoos. You can print these tattoos at home and apply them to most multiple surfaces, cakes and even on yourself to match your costume! The printables come with step by step instructions on how to assemble the artwork here.


Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go

'Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go' by Britta Teckentrup and Patricia Hegarty is a wonderful children's book on changing seasons. The book explains how one season slowly changes into a new one through poetic rhythmic couplets and bright illustrations with the cutouts in the pages that show animals arriving and leaving. The book starts with Winter season, where an owl sitting in a tree hollow who has seen it all and waiting for the snow to melt.

Next comes spring, and with it comes new life forms. All kind of animals start to show like bear cubs playing, squirrels scampering, birds singing and bees humming in the book's cut-out holes. The owl still sits in the hollow observing all the changes around and the leaves turning into vibrant colors. Slowly as the summer arrives, the activity starts to fade out and the owl leaves when ‘All the forest has gone to sleep’ until ‘the first new buds appear / And so begins another year’.

The book shows cycle of all the seasons, explaining what happens each season and how the nature changes each year. The kids will enjoy to witness seasons come and go, learn about the the changes in the tree and the animals that inhabit it. Order from here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Package Design: Mr Black

Sydney based distiller launched coffee liqueur – Mr Black in a beautiful bottle with a striking owl illustration by Dale Bigeni an artist from Sydney. The 700ml bottle reveals an owl design as the liquid is gradually consumed.

"MR BLACK is the dark side of coffee: your morning hit with a naughty nocturnal twist. Australia is home to some of the world’s best coffee, so it was about time we had a world-class coffee liqueur to match.”-  via.

The liqueur is made in batches of 300 bottles and is individually numbered allowing the drinkers to note the subtle changes that occur due to the seasonality of the specialty coffee used to make the spirit.

This Australian-made liqueur won the team a Gold Medal at the London International Wine & Spirits Competition and the title of ‘World’s Best Coffee Liqueur.’ Mr Black is available in more than 250 bars, wine shops and restaurants across the country. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mini Empire

Mini Empire Sweden launched some more wonderful products featuring creatures from the woodland - owl, elephant, lion and more. Their designs are playful enough for a kid's room yet elegant to decorate a living room, or even a bedroom. You can find bed linens, cushions, wooden blocks,  paper goods and art prints on their website.

Find more amazing products by Mini Empire here that I blogged about previously.