Friday, May 6, 2011

Collection: Rings

I'll leave you this week with this collection of owl rings. I'll see on Monday with more owl-some posts for you.  Have a great and safe weekend!

Curly Pops: Colour In Fabric Panel Kits






Cam of Curly Pops has just launched this brand new product - the "Colour Your Own Fabric Panel Kit". The kit is available in two cute designs - Owl and Kombi Van. The kids can pick out a panel of their own choosing and color it in their favorite colors before using the finished product in a crafty project, to decorate a t-shirt or even to stitch it onto a cushion cover. The possibilities are endless!

The kit contains one black and white Owl or Kombi Van fabric panel measuring approximately 20cm x 20cm. Design measures approximately 13cm x 13cm. Both the kits are available in her online store for $10 each.

Directions for Use:
* Use appropriate fabric markers to colour in your fabric panel (Crayola brand fabric markers are recommended).
* Follow the directions for heat setting and washing contained on the fabric marker packet to ensure that the color will not run.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Owl Cake








Oh, How much I wish I would have been at this party. This cake is calling my name!

Priya of Sugar Pot made this gorgeous cake for her daughter Anya's 8th birthday party. When I looked at the photos I didn't realize how much time consuming it must have been to make all those heart shaped feathers on the owl, until I read Priya's comment "the right wing gave me such a lot of trouble, and not to miss spending over 5hrs just cutting those 100's". All the hard work well worth it. The end result is gorgeous! This triple chocolate mud cake with Belgian dark chocolate ganache is making my mouth water. I love the detail of beautiful handmade leaves, twig, flowers, lady birds and bee around the cake.

The birthday girl looks happy receiving such awesome cake made by her mom. I am sure this also made the day very special for all the guests present at the party.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jo James: Paper Doll With Owl Mask





I am very excited about today's post because my favorite artist Jo James has made this amazing paper doll -Ellowynn with her owl mask - exclusively for My Owl Barn readers. I am so glad that Jo, whose I am a long time fan and an avid follower, made something this awesome for my blog to be shared with all the owl lovers. Yay!

Like most of her artwork, I am loving the folk inspired style and whimsical feel of this paper doll. Her innocent face, intricate detail on her feathers like cape and owl mask is amazing.

Assembling this articulated paper doll will be easy for even the not-so-experienced artists or crafters. Several joints allows you to pose the doll in any number of ways. The animation above shows Ellowynn in various poses with and without the owl mask, revealing her beautiful smile. This doll will look amazing framed in a shadow box for years to cherish.

Thanks Jo, you made me so happy :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Virginia Johnson Oversized Tote Bag



I have always been a fan of Virginia Johnson's organic patterns and shapes inspired by nature and emerging onto bedding, pillows and bags. This hand printed cotton canvas bag with the owl print in mocha is simple but sophisticated. It measures 18" x 24", making it a perfect bag for carrying all your essentials. Available here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Owl Recipe Card






Suz Sanchez is a very talented illustrator and owner of the Etsy store Little Blue Day. She has made this owl recipe card exclusively for My Owl Barn readers.

This recipe card has a space for your favorite recipe on one side and instructions on the other. Each card has a space for the title, dish type, preparation time, shopping list and the recipe, and is adorned with adorable owl illustrations.

Print this for your own recipe box or for your mum - filled with recipes you created together growing up - to make a great gift for Mother's day.


1. Make sure the green side of the card is facing you when you are cutting the card (for some reason, I had a really hard time trying to get the printer to print both the sides aligned, so I've make the yellow side tad bigger than green to get your cuts perfect).

2.  Print it at 100% onto heavy-weight card stock paper.