Friday, April 5, 2019

Amazing Artwork on Postcards and Envelopes by Danielle Maret

During one of my searches online, I stumbled across this account on flickr by Danielle Maret. She makes art on post cards and envelopes that's so amazing it's like you are dressing up your mail with them for someone special. She uses paper from books, cutting from magazines, patterned pieces of paper, tags, and maps in her illustrations that makes each envelope a unique piece of art. 

You can visit her profile on flickr from the link above to see more of her work. It's a shame that she hasn't posted any new work in a while. If you know where can I learn about what's she currently working on then let me know.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Japanese Designs on Ceramics, Stationery and Fabric

Kata Kata is a team of two textile designers Takeshi Matsunaga and Chie Takai. Kata Kata brand name is inspired by Kata-e-zome, a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics for which primarily stencils are used to apply glue paste to resist inks. The designs are playful, fun and colorful, often depicting animals, fish, and floral. Their amazing designs can be found on ceramics, stationery, fabric and homeware. I was lost for hours looking through their beautiful designs on Instagram

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Paintings of Female Figures With Their Companion Animals

Titti Garelli is an amazing artist who was born and lives in Turin, Italy. She makes these paintings of portrays of female figure as the main theme depicting them at the age when they are between childhood and young adulthood, an age to capture perfect beauty. Her protagonists are dressed in elaborate clothing inspired by art historical movements from the past and sometimes seen with a companion animal.

Over the last 20 years, her work has been sought-after by the publishing industry as well as by major international advertising agencies including M.Cann Erickson, J.W. Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Leo Burnett. She worked with renowned European brands as Barilla, Chicco, Mulino Bianco, Invicta, Findus, Jegermeister, Nestlè, San Pellegrino. She has exhibited in several art galleries both in her home country and abroad.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Whimsical Coin Purses and Bags by Wing's World

Winnie Lai is the designer and creator of all the delightful creations behind "Wing's World". New Hampshire designer hand-makes whimsical coin purses, bags, brooches, and keychains inspired by animals. She uses cotton and soft felt to construct the bags and embroiders patches made sewing small pieces together to form eyes, beaks, feathers, fur, and nose and other details. You can find her creations in her online store.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Variety of Woods are Cut and Assembled into Bird Portraits

Tom Smith also known as T.A.G. creates portraits inspired by wildlife. He specializes in intarsia, a technique of woodworking in which pieces of wood are cut and pieced together like mosaic. He uses walnut, sycamore, yew, koto and ebony to hand make the bird portraits. His work is clearly a labor of love and massive amount of patience. He generally starts by drawing the subject on paper, marking different parts with the respective wood types. He would then cut all the pieces from different woods for the portrait. He glues all the small pieces onto a scrap wood before he carves, then sands until the desired result is reached. Lastly he would add details like beak and feathers by burning into the wood, and make the eye and cere.

“My work combines my two great loves: wood and wildlife. It is all about mimicking the beauty of the natural world by using its natural resources. You don’t need paints, stains or dyes when nature has given you all those beautiful colors and grains. Wood is my palette, like an artist would have a palette of paints - the rich chocolate brown of wenge, the blood red of padauk, the pale gold of tree of heaven ..."

You can watch the video below to learn how he created the Barn Owl.