Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wall Hanging, Blanket and Pillows by Mark Hearld

Good morning, most of us have seen the wonderful artwork of Mark Hearld on other websites and blogs. I too featured his work on paper goods and other gift items a few times on the blog earlier. I just recently discovered pillows, floor cushions, wall hangings, and quilts featuring illustrations in his signature style designed for Sessions & Co. An owl, hoopoe, woodpecker, thrushes, and tiny wren perch on branches among nests and foliage will bring a little character to any corner of your house.

The beautiful artwork was originally made into a huge linocut, and then hand-printed by a nineteenth century steamroller onto linen. The collection comes in combination of charcoal and sicilian yellow, and deleft blue and peach red. You can find the items shown above and more at Sessions & Co.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Toronto Based Artist Mixes Impressionism and Realism to Paint



Sarah Hillock majored in drawing and painting from Ontario’s College of Art and Design. It was here that she was honored with the Libby Steinbeck Alterger Award for Excellence in Figurative Studies. Her work is influenced by wildlife, she seeks her subject matter in farms, fields and remote areas. Her paintings are a mix of impressionistic background which is perfect to bring attention to the realistically drawn animals. She uses bold colors and strong strokes to create a form which the viewer can complete with their imagination. 

She has participated in several exhibitions in Canada and her work is part of the collection at the Rooms Provencial Art Gallery. You can visit her online store for reproductions.