Friday, January 17, 2014

Jordan Elise - Horrible Adorables

Jordan Elise is a soft toy and textile designer from Cleveland, Ohio. She creates faux taxidermy creatures Horrible Adorables that seem to have come from a different planet. According to Elise: "My artwork is a little silly and strange but always fun!" Each sculptures is handmade by sculpting a styrofoam base which is then layered with small pieces of wool felt to form rest of the body. She has an online store on Etsy where she sells her creations ranging from $50 to$750.

I wish you all a lovely weekend. I'll see you on Monday!

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DIY: Owl Pinata

Having a pinata at a party instantly adds decoration and fun for both kids and grown ups who are kids at heart. This is a wonderful tutorial that teaches you how to create an owl pinata for your next party. Visit Tonya's blog for step by step instructions with images and for more information.

Supplies that you'll need to make an owl pinata:
1-2 tri-fold boards
crepe paper streamers
paper bag
glitter card stock
zip tie
X-acto knife and scissors

Owl Valentine Printables

It's amazing how half of the new year's first month is already gone! Good news is that the stress of the holidays is behind us and before we know it we will be in February - the month when love is in air! I don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the traditional sense but I still look forward to the day every year. I think it's because of the cute foods, adorable cards and tons of printables ;)

Here are few of the sweet  Valentine's day printables to get you started. You can download them by clicking on the link given below the images. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kim Taylor Stunning Sequential Photography

An owl is pictured landing on a wooden post in a Surrey garden

A squirrel is captured jumping from branch to branch using eight images taken at 40 millisecond intervals

A Welsh pony and her rider are photographed galloping at half second intervals

A European robin takes off from a wooden post as the sun sets in Surrey

A white cat, named Pyramus, leaping from a chair onto a table, taken at 50 millisecond intervals

Long eared bat flying 

A cat rolling in the air and landing flat on its feet

A cockchafer beetle, otherwise called a may bug or spang beetle, is captured flying around the garden

Kim Taylor a photographer from Surrey is also an animal lover who photographed animals moments from one place to another with stunning details. What just might seem like an ordinary event such as a flight by an owl, Kim using a photographic technique called "Sequential Photography”and his homemade equipment captured everything from the first beat of the wings. Sequential Photography is an amazing art in which you can show multiple images of a moving object in a single image.

He said: "I didn't have any special equipment at the time so I had to design and build a special unit for the job. This required generating dangerously high voltage - 3,500 volts - and storing the energy in a bank of special and very heavy capacitors. The resulting equipment has three flash heads that flash simultaneously and produce nine flashes at rates varying from 2 per second to 500 per second."

Mark Hearld Menagerie Cards

'Little Owl'

'Long Eared Owl'

'Barn Owl'




Mark Hearld's 'Menagerie' is a set of three fold, die-cut cards with double sided designs. The cards come in six designs, each with some blank space to write a message. All the cards from the range can be found here and here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anne Siems

'St Bird'

'Owl Bush'

'St Forest'

'Guidance Tree'

'Owl Clan Sisters'

'Owl with Collar'


'What the Fawn Heard'


I recently discovered the mystical artwork of Anne Siems an artist born in Germany now living in Seattle. Her fairy-tale like paintings are inspired from the Guide on Wildlife in Europe featuring unforgettable animal portraits, Early American Folk Art, and vintage as well as modern photography.

I am enamored with everything in her artwork from deep colors to the detailed animal portraits to transparent glass human figures to tiny little things like from flowers, feathers and shells that surround them. "These attributes reflect something about the being without giving a specific narrative. Ideas about life and death, sensuality, sexuality, nature, experiences in the realm of dreams, psyche and spirit are my ongoing topic."

Siems has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Canada, Europe and widely in the United States. Her work is included in collections at the Arkansas Art Centre, Boise Art Museum, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and the Tacoma Art Museum.

New Ceramics by Hannah Niswongers

Woodland Creatures Nesting Bowl Set

I've featured the work of the ceramic artist Hannah Niswongers before. Here are some new adorable mugs and woodland creatures nesting bowl set (from here) featuring animal illustrations in her signature style.

Check out her website for one of a kind ceramic jars, tea cups, pitchers, bowls and more.