Friday, August 26, 2011

Golden Books Gown


Have you ever wondered what happens to the old children's books? Yes, they are transformed into a fashionable couture gown. Okay, not all of them. Ryan Novelline is a fashion designer who constructed the Golden Book Gown reusing the colorful pages from the discarded children’s Golden Books such as:

The skirt's surface area is 22,000 square inches is comprised completely of the illustrations from the pages of  300 Golden Books (over 1500 pages) that are sewn together with metallic gold thread, and the bodice is made from the books’ foil spines. You can learn more about the process and see more pictures here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

DIY: Felt Owls With Nest







I have never made an attempt at needle felting but this tutorial on "how to make your own needle felted owls"  makes it look so simple with it's step by step instructions that I am eager to make my first felt owl. Have you ever needle-felted anything? If you have never needle felted before and have been wanting an owl with a nest (how adorable!) then this is a great DIY project to start things off. Good luck!

Freebie: Lunch Box Notes + Owl Snack




What do I like more the lunch box note or the owl snack in jelly candy glasses? It's hard to decide. Good news is there is no need to make a choice because you can get both! Yes, you can download the cute owl lunch box notes and "smartie owl" snack recipe, both absolutely free! Just go to this website.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Valentina Ramos + Deny Designs

Valentina Ramos is a Venezuelan artist and graphic designer currently living in Miami. I have featured her amazing artwork a few times on the blog in the past and today I have a good news for all her followers. Valentina collaborated with a brand called "Deny Designs" to produce stunning shower curtains and duvets which are completely drool worthy. Here are few of her designs, view her entire range here.

L'Oeuf: Lili Scratchy & Nathalie Choux

L'Oeuf, now known as "Choux + Scratchy", is a team of two very talented ladies - Lili Scratchy & Nathalie Choux who create these unique and whimsical ceramics. I am in love with everything on their website particularly these owl and bird teacups. What better way to start your day off drinking your tea from a beautiful cup like this one. Right?

Trendy Peas: Owls Wallpaper

Modern and fun owl print wallpaper by Trendy Peas. Trendy Peas' wallpaper is printed on a peel and stick adhesive material that makes installation easy and fast. The "Owls" wallpaper is available in three colors - green, aqua and pink. Just pick your color to decorate a girl's or boy's nursery. The wallpaper patterns are $99 a roll, with each roll measuring 24″ x 120″.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

35 Feet Long Macrame Owl: Andy Harman

Andy Harman is a fashion photographer, set designer and prop stylist currently living in New York, with passion for art/design objects. He gained his BFA from Kent State University and MFA from Yale University specializing in sculpture. When he is not on photoshoots he makes giant, cool and whimsical objects such as Macrame owls. Each owl is handmade with natural jute and oak beads for eyes. The largest of the three owls measures approximately 15 feet wide and 35 feet long! To see more pictures of the process on his website.

Please pardon my absence from the blog yesterday. I have not been feeling well. But I'll be back tomorrow with more owl-some posts for you. Take care and have a great day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jon Stuart Anderson

I first discovered Jon Stuart Anderson's amazing sculptures at a store at the airport. I know, it's a pretty unusual place to find an incredible artwork such as Jon's clay animals. Jon creates these sculptures combining colored fimo clay, and unique ancient glass technique called "Fiore".

"He begins by laying canes or blocks of different colors of clay next to each other, starting from the center of the design and working outward, creating a number of visual borders around the original image. Each of these illustrations in clay is the size of a large loaf of bread when first constructed, and the loaf is then stretched to double its length and cut in half. This process is repeated over and over, each time reducing the actual size of the original image or illustration by half until the final cross section is the size of a small coin. The small canes are then thinly sliced into intricate tiles using a surgical scalpel.

This process is the same for each unique design, and each animal is made up of multitudes of different images, amounting to hundreds of these tiles being hand applied to every sculpture."

Watch this video to get a glimpse at the process.