Friday, October 9, 2020

Ceramic Bird Sculptures Sculpted Using Fingers By Simon Griffiths

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the posts I shared the last week. Before I wrap up for the weekend, let me share some new work of Simon Griffiths. I featured Simon Griffiths' work on the blog before. His new ceramic sculptures are an absolute delight, especially the Little Owl and the Wren.

The precision and accuracy with which he captures the subject in his work is mind-boggling. It's hard to believe that Simon's sculptures are made by using only fingers. His ceramic sculptures have beautiful texture and rich colors which makes his birds look almost real. His birds perched on wood seem to be carved out of the same wood until you take a closer look. To learn more about his work and to see more of his creations check out his Instagram.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Paintings Turned Into Wearable Art By Victoria Lucy Williams

Victoria Lucy Williams is an authorial artist and an illustrator in Cornwall, England. Besides illustrations she also hand-makes books, sculptures, paints and does glass engraving. Victoria a woman of many talents has lately been working on brooches inspired by her love for nature. The series of hand-painted brooches feature owl, deer, foxes, starry sky, pumpkins, and autumn leaves that will be prefect to wear on your favorite fall jacket.

Her unique brooches come wrapped in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. She is open to commission work, so if you have something in mind that you would like to gift this holiday season so you can get in touch through her page and see her work from the past on Instagram. You can find shown brooches, enamel mugs, cards, and art prints on her online store.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jessica Woodward Of Shark Bite Ink

Jessica Woodward is an artist and a printmaker from London Ontario, she has been making prints for over 20 years. She always wanted to be an artist but it wasn't until she was in 11th grade she took her first printmaking class and graduated in the Beal Art program. After graduating, Jessica attended the Nova Scotia College of Art and graduated with a BFA major in Fine Art (printmaking) and a minor in Drawing and Art History.

Her newest series of illustrations feature owls, skulls, cats, ravens and other patterns. Jessica creates these prints in her home studio which has an etching press and a silkscreen table. 

Her art is decorating the Palasad South and the Palasad Social Bowl, and has designed for several local business, band logos and for the Toboggan Breweries Lunatic Fridge beer, LCBO.

You can find her art prints, greeting cards, t-shirts and other products on her online store Shark Bite Ink.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Adorable Alien Brooches by Karen Suzuki Of Nameless Wonders

Scottish creator Karen Suzuki of Nameless Wonders hand-makes textile mixed media animal brooches. The series of unique brooches feature familiar animal beings that are hand-stitched by the artist using traditional embroidery techniques and altered textiles.

The artist has given these creatures unusual names - "messy kitty", "angry chicken", "very bad panda", "fishy alien" and "mouse owl". Despite their quirky names and forms they are absolutely endearing for their personalities and uniqueness.

Her work is inspired by battered old toys, animators like Aardman Animation and the Quay Brothers, illustrations of Edward Lear and Spike Milligan, artists Jean Dubuffet and Louise Bourgeois, and inspiration from the animal kingdom and all sorts of fabrics.

To find our more about her work follow her on Instagram. For her sculptures, brooches, and puppets visit her online store.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Figurative Artwork Painted on Salvaged Wood by Barbara Johansen Newman

Barbara Johansen Newman is a figurative artist who works with acrylic paint and assemblage. Before she dedicated herself full-time to painting she used to make puppets, write stories and perform at shows. For more than 10 years Barabara worked as a fiber artist, creating soft dolls and sculptures that she exhibited at various craft shows in US and Canada.

Now she creates unique assemblage, painting bold and colorful portraits and figurative subjects on antique breadboards, unlikely wooden surfaces, embellishing with metal scraps and other found objects. "With these details, I seek to capture a fragment of a tale that is, or was, or has the promise to become. If I’ve done my job, the viewer will have enough visual clues to unravel the implied narrative. In short, I guess that makes me a storyteller with a hammer and a brush."

You can learn more about her work and view more of her creations on Instagram.