Friday, May 24, 2019

Beautiful Watercolor Style Tattoos That Almost Look Real


Chen Jie is a tattoo artist from Beijing who creates stunning tattoos one has ever seen. The artist was born in 1980 and has been working as an tattoo artist for over 13 years now.

She creates watercolor tattoos inspired by Chinese art of paintings and freehand calligraphy. Her work is poetic, fluid and delicate that almost looks real. She has designed flowers, owls, bamboo, fish and other objects often drawn in back ink with splashes of color. Her Instagram has more than 300k followers who love her work. She runs a boutique studio called New Tattoo in Sanlitun, an area sought after by young generation for it's accessibility to the street bars and international stores.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Vanessa Lubach Carves Intricate Linocuts Inspired By Countryside

Vanessa Lubach studied illustration at Brighton, graduated in 1990 and has been illustrating, printmaking and painting ever since. Her work mostly has observational drawings as a primary theme focusing on how light creates form.

She hand-carves intricate and detailed landscapes inspired by her beautiful surroundings to create multi-layered linocuts. Each of her piece is hand burnished by a spoon in her studio. Her work has cats, owl, chickens and birds as a recurring subject matter that is combined with patterns and a unique color palette. She has won National Portrait Gallery BP award in 2012 and has participated in several exhibitions. You can see her work in person at Masham Gallery, exhibition "The Illustrated Garden" till July 1st. For limited edition linocut go to her online store

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

More Than 200 Spoons and Forks Create Unique Metal Art

Mari 9 Art is a team of very talented artists who specialize in making sculptures using metal scraps and automobile parts. Some of them make life-size sculptures while others have an expertise in creating smaller pieces with intricate detail work. Their work is also inspired by fictional and movie characters such as hulk, minions etc.

Each piece is a unique work of art constructed with the metal pieces "as is" majority of the times, highlighting the creativity of the artist. The Great Horned Owl has wings made of spoons and forks, likewise there were about 200 pieces of cutlery used to make the Eagle. You can see the process of cutting, welding and assembling the sculptures on facebook

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pop Out Cards and 3D Paper Scenes by Studio Roof

Studio Roof is a family owned business founded in 2005 by Romy and Ilya. They create unique eco-friendly toys and home decor for kids and grown-ups. 

Over the years their collection has grown into a huge variety of gorgeous 3D insects and bugs wall decor, bird mobiles made of recycled cardboard, and beautiful paper goods ideal for everyday use. The latest range of their pop out cards and 3D scenes are perfect to give as a small gift that can be displayed on a bookshelf. They strive to produce earth-friendly products as much as possible, all designs are printed on recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.

Their beautifully creative products were ranked amongst the top 100 design products of the year in TIME magazine. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Artist Creates Amazing 6 Foot Tall Sculptures With Shoe Boxes

Christophe Roberts was born in Chicago and now lives in Brooklyn. He is an artist with multi-talents, he paints, sculpts, designs, and creates amazing installations. Through his large-size sculptures he explores masculinities and consumerism by recycling building materials and up-cycling Nike shoe boxes.

"You look at shoe boxes every day, but didn’t think of creating a 6 foot lion or a great white shark. I thought of it when no one else was thinking about it...I decided to run with it; the possibilities of this project are endless.”

He has exhibited his work at New Gallery of Modern Art, Charlotte, NC, Long View Gallery, Washington DC, and Lyons Wier Gallery, New York. He has worked in collaboration with Jeff Staple for the Staple fashion brand and the Wu-Tang Clan, for Wallplay Gallery, New York. He is working with Nike on an ongoing project for their Manhattan flagship store as well as he has made commissioned sculptures and installations for Nike’s Air Max Day.