Thursday, April 16, 2020

Beautiful Packaging Design of Chocolate Bars That Support Wildlife Conservation


Endangered Species Chocolate is known world over for producing delicious and ethically traded chocolate. Their chocolate bars are instantly recognized on a store shelf for their bold package design featuring endangered species of animals. The brand catches ones attention with the pictures of Eurasian Eagle Owl, African Elephant, Sea Otter, Bald Eagle, Black Panther and many more. Their new colorful packaging uses different fonts, species information on the back of the bar, and pattern design on the wrapper that co-ordinates with the animal the chocolate is dedicated to. For example: there are owl feathers on the wrapper of the almond sea salt and dark chocolate.

They offer the chocolate lovers a variety of products including bars, bites ad barks. Each product is largely targeted at conscious consumers and increasing awareness at species who are at risk of getting extinct. Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10 percent of all their proceeds to wildlife conservation charities such as Rainforest Trust and Wildlife Conservation Network. In the last three years they have given over 1.3 million towards the wildlife conservation. You can help support the cause by purchasing their products from here and here.


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