Friday, April 24, 2020

Collection of Crystal Animals by Australian Artist Patrick Gundersen

Patrick Gundersen is a crystal finder born in Norway, at the age of 4 moved to Australia with his mother. His journey and later what became his career started at his school. One day, his geology teacher brought a large quartz crystal found locally by one of the parents, to show to the class and Patrick got instantly interested in crystals and never looked back. Patrick has been working with crystals for over 15 years now, self-collecting unique gems and hand-selecting from travels around the globe.

"Crystals are just one of the many precious gifts the earth has to offer us, millions of years in the making, their amazing colors lying in darkness waiting for human hands to hold them."

He has been working on an ongoing series "Crystal Creature" where he gets to combine his passion for art and his life-long fascination with the mineral kingdom. The series features flora and fauna, and other objects fused in with beautiful crystals.

These artworks feature black and white photography including of the crystals the artist collected on his travels, combined together digitally layer upon layer and re-tinted with color to finish the process. The end result is stunning! If you are fond of beauty in the stone then you must visit Instagram to join him on this adventure. To see the available art prints, visit his online store - Folk Stone.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

3D Paper-Cut Light Boxes By Aline Maire Of Abracadaboxes




French artist Aline Maire creates whimsical paper-cut light boxes which she calls Abracadaboxes. Each illustration is made with hand-cut paper and arranged strategically in layers inside wooden box frame creating a 3D image. The artist uses LED lights that make the pieces glow with a soft light and cast magical shadows, taking an on-looker on a trip to a mythical land.

When Maire first came across paper-cut light boxes of Harikrishanan Panicker & Deepti Nair she instantly feel in love with their beauty and began her own adventure in the field of paper art. Her work is mainly inspired by nature, films and her own imagination.

You can visit her online store for light boxes with original paper cut and diy kits that you can download and make your own light box at home. The kits comes with instructions, available here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Jaw Droppingly Realistic Miniature Sculptures by Fanni Sandor

Fanni Sandor is a biologist and a self-taught miniaturists who creates real objects on such a small scale that the details are only visible if you look at them with magnifying glass. Sandor makes jaw-dropping things with clay including - owls, roosters, mice, frogs, birds, nests, food and other objects on a scale of 1:12.

Each piece is hand-sculpted using polymer clay without the use of any kind of mold. The details are added using acrylic paint, feather and cotton thread paper wire. Every tiny detail makes Sandor's work almost real, a detailed representation of the actual subject.

She has received the IGMA Artisan title in Animal Figures category and in 2016, the artist received the International Guild of Miniature Artists (IGMA) Fellow status. You can view her creations from the past and new work on Instagram

Monday, April 20, 2020

Award Winning Multidisciplinary British Artist Alexandra Gallagher



Award winning multidisciplinary artist Alexandra Gallagher was born in 1980 in Lancashire, England. She started out as a portrait painter, over the years while experimenting with other media she began to create collages from photographs and found image. 

Her surreal pieces feature female figures with natural elements, animals and geometric shapes. She mainly uses Photoshop to sketch ideas for her painting and creates digital collages. This process saves her time and makes editing quicker which suits her needs.

The artist once worked on a project for a cruise ship. The mural consisted of four large sized paintings for which the artist had to borrow a studio space to create the work on large canvas panels which were later pieced together for the installation.

She has been exhibiting and selling her art across the country and internationally, including Saatchi Gallery, London. She has been nominated for several awards and awarded the Saatchi Showdown Surrealism Second Place Winner and the Secret Art Prize Runner Up Winner 2016. She has been shortlisted for her work for the Zealous X and was a finalist in the London Contemporary Art. DegreeArt and Artellite are exclusively selling her limited edition paste up murals and prints inspired by her original art.