Friday, January 25, 2019

Birds Painted With Brights Colors and Bold Strokes by Anya Brock

Anya Brock was born in 1983 to parents who influenced her since the childhood to create. She is an well-renowned Australian artist known for her paintings created with bright colors and bold strokes. Her paintings primarily depict female figures, animal portraits and geometric patterns on an abstract background.

To achieve the paint-dripping effect in her paintings she would start with a flat colored background "I throw diluted paint at an upright canvas and allow it to run... Then I go over in it pen and start shading and doing all the detail and definition. I then pour water all over it or in specific areas to let the pen run. And depending on the piece I either keep throwing paint at it or start working on detailed patterned areas or do more pen and water work! These pieces have probably taken the longest out of everything I’ve done." via

She has painted large scale murals on the walls in Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Fremantle. Besides painting, she has worked in the fashion industry with some of the prominent British fashion houses including Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll. You can follow her on Facebook for updates on her upcoming shows, announcements on workshops and special offers.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Dyem Tattoos That Look Like Paintings


When I see tattoos these gorgeous, I want to make myself forget of the pain one feels during the process and the care with which you have to tend to the tattoo for weeks. It's no surprise that Dyem's tattoos showed up in the google search when I was searching for artsy tattoos. 

Dyem is a tattoo artist from Spain who has inked people all around the world with tattoos that look like paintings. He makes all kinds of tattoo art from birds to owls, from deities to whimsical characters. The tattoos are mostly done in neutral tones with some reds, yellows, and blues that make the artwork pop! He is presently working at Malibu Tattoo Studio, Barcelona.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Life-like Sculptures Constructed Using Metal Scraps



Australian sculptor Jordan Sprigg makes sculptures inspired by animals using parts from old machinery and metal scraps. The artist never paints his pieces, he keeps the iron in its raw state that highlights the natural ageing of the metal. His life size sculptures of owl, horse, cockatoo, grasshopper, rooster, hammerhead, and frilled neck lizard will leave you wondering as to how did he manage to piece everything together. His sculptures can weigh more than 700 kilos and has be sold for $50,000! His work was recently featured on ABC News. 

To see more of his work you can go to Instagram and to get updates on his new work go to Facebook.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bird Paintings Inspired by Antique Natural History Illustrations


Alex Warnick is a natural history artist based in southern Indiana. The first time she got interested in birds is when she watched her brother draw a cardinal. She took this interest further in elementary school by drawing birds on poster boards, writing reports to accompany them, and creating meticulous mobiles to hang in her bedroom. 

After graduating from Brigham Young University, Idaho with a degree in integrated studio art she followed her heart by pursuing her career in natural history art inspired by antique natural history illustrations. She translates her love for birds into beautiful paintings, she desires others to see the same beauty in birds as her. She has painted many birds including barred owl, ashy faced owl, blue winged teal, stellar's jay, roseate spoonbill and more.

"I hope my artwork will introduce many others to the significance and beauty of birds so that birds can benefit the lives of people, and in turn, people can benefit the lives of birds."

To see more of her paintings go to Instagram.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sculpted Natural Elements Carried by Animals on Their Backs by Ellen Jewett

Canadian artist Ellen Jewett makes these amazing sculptures of animals carrying elaborate landscapes and natural elements on their backs.

"Each sculpture is constructed using an additive technique, layered from inside to out by an accumulation of innumerable tiny components. Many of these components are microcosmic representations of plants, animals and objects. Some are beautiful, some are grotesque and some are fantastical. The singularity of each sculpture is the sum total of its small narrative structures."

Ellen sculptures are gaining huge popularity and featured among websites such Colossal, Reddit, Bored Panda, Ecology Global Network, American Crafters and others. Her sculptures can be found in both public and private collections worldwide. You can see more of her work I featured here.