Friday, May 9, 2014

Memory Games by Teja Ideja

Teja Ideja is an artist based out of Ljubljana, Slovenia who loved to draw from early childhood. She has worked with design studios such as Armada and Luks, and co-created designs for Slovenian companies. In 2012, she started her own brand and designed products for herself. On her website you'll find notebooks, breadboards and brooches in retro inspired patterns and color scheme. My favorite from her store are the memory games shown above featuring animals, fruits and flowers. The games are produced in Ljubljana, made of wood and are colored with friendly acrylic water-resistant colors. If you like to purchase or have any product related question then contact Teja through her website.

Have a great weekend my friends. I'll see you on Monday. Till then, if you want more owl-someness come join me on Facebook.


Wine Cork Crafting For Storytelling

I would have never thought that the wine corks could be used for something this fun! This is a great and an easy idea of combining wine corks characters and story telling shared by Kids Activities. This nursery rhyme craft for kids is inspired by The Owl & The Pussycat story which needs only a few things for the project. I'm sure the little ones will love to join you in drawing those cute faces on the corks! 

For the entire tutorial with step by step instructions and the list of materials needed for the project go to Kids Activities website through the link given above.

Desktop Wallpaper with Quotes

Last week I shared the desktop calendar and wallpaper with you here. While browsing online, I stumbled across these lovely wallpapers with brilliant words of wisdom that I thought we all could use as a daily reminder. I hope these inspirational wallpapers with beautiful images and uplifting quotes brighten up your day. The link to download the wallpaper is given under each of the images, get the one you like and change  it with the other when ever you wish.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Surreal Portraits by Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova is a Russian photographer who created these surreal images where the wild animals are photographed with their elegant partners recreating the long-lost bond between animals and humans. The images will look like a work of Photoshop, but it's the real live animals interacting with models. These fairy-tale inspired photographs are made possible with the help of two professional animal trainers who made sure both humans and animals were safe. You can follow Katerina on Facebook for updates on her work.

Thanks, Adesh.

Jessica Russell Flint

London based artist and illustrator Jessica Russell Flint grew up surrounded by art who and has been designing for past ten years . Her work is inspired by life’s eccentricities, bright colors and textures. Jessica’s style is both vicarious and uncommon that provokes the imagination and brings inspiration to life. She mixes fashion and art, resulting into a stunning range of prints and artworks, wallpapers, silk scarves, bags & lots more.

Her spring/ summer 2014 collection of beautiful linen napkins consists of: the aztec owls, the lobster plate, the stag plate and the galloping horses. These limited edition napkins come as a gift set, perfect to gift to a hostess or for yourself. Each napkin is a piece of art, it would be a hard to use them for wiping sticky little fingers! 

Available here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Origami Love Cards

I really like these origami love cards with a generic "I Love You" text which makes them ideal for all kinds of occasions. Print them for your hubby wishing him a happy anniversary or hand-write a note to your mom this Mother's day. Download the owl and the fox card from here.

Iwao Akiyama

Japanese visual artist Iwao Akiyama was born in 1921 in Southern Japan. He learnt drawing from a Buddhist monk as a child. He was originally trained in oil painting and later studied woodblock with Shiko Munakata for about six years. Whimsical owls is one of his main subject matters in his work. Cats, Buddhist monks and human figures are also a recurring themes in his drawings. His distinctive style is instantly recognizable, his use of black ink onto rough handmade paper and signature 'red dot' appears somewhere in every one of his works.

He has participated in over 250 one-man shows in Japan alone and has also participated in over 15 shows abroad, including two in U.S. in Seattle and San Francisco. His work is desired and collected all over the world, and held in collections including National Museum of England, London, the National Museum of Scotland, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, Israel, and Cincinnati Museum of Art, USA. You can view more of his work here

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

6 Free Mother's Day Cards

Nina Seven, click here to download

Made by Lucy, download it from Gi det videre

Monday, May 5, 2014

Wall Art Plates and Tiles by Munch

Sarah of Munch makes these wall art plates and tiles with hand-cut wooden pieces which are individually decorated with designs including animals, birds, insects and more. Each piece is hand painted and numbered by the artist. I love the owl and the kingfisher! You can can see the entire range of products on her website. Do tell me your favorites, I'd love to know :)

Textile Animals by Bryony Jennings

Bryony Jennings is a UK based designer and owner of the shop called Pretty Scruffy where sells amazing animal sculptures that she constructs using fabric donated by people in her neighborhood and reclaimed materials. Her life-size fabric sculptures are inspired by nature and born out "of a fascination with the shape and beauty of living bodies, as well as an interest in the characteristics of different species of animal." She shares: "I try and give my animals personality and communicate something of their character through their posture and expression." Someday she would like to have a huge barn inhabited by her textile wildlife and foliage. 

Her store in Chichester is closed currently, she is taking a little time off after her baby boy was born in January. You can follow her Facebook page where she posts updates on her upcoming exhibitions and shows.