Friday, August 20, 2010

Collection: Owls At Weddings

In my previous posts, I've shared owl themed weddings where the owls are incorporated in everything, from the wedding invitations to the cake. Today, I thought I make this post more interesting and make a collection of inspiring ideas where the couples have used owls to the minimal for fun and quirkiness in their wedding, and yet have made it look classy. My favorite is the owl couple drawing on the wedding program. Do you have a favorite?

{images via here, here, here and here}

Love Elizabeth

These beautiful vintage prints are from Love Elizabeth, perfect for framing or hanging on the wall. There are over 500 prints in the store to choose from, from birds to flowers. Many of the prints have been featured on Etsy treasuries a few times.

Want: Vintage Stationery

It seems that I am turning into a stationery junkie. I can't seem to have enough of notebooks, journals and stickers. I buy, but never use any of it. My purchases are growing into a collection and yet, I want more. This adorable vintage stationery set on Anna's photo gallery instantly catch my eye. It's kind of hard to miss the cute, round owl anyway. Isn't it?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woodland Creatures: Hello! Lucky

I love these woodland creatures prints by Hello! Lucky. Can you tell that each print is designed by a different designer? Julia Rothman, Kate Sutton, Lab Partners and Hello Lucky each designed a letterpress print for the series in the co-ordinating color palettes.

Wisdom Owl Clutch by Judith Leiber

Have you ever wondered what $3995 can buy you? Certainly, this clutch! This Wisdom owl clutch adorned with finest Austrian crystals in smoky hues by Judith Leiber is a total luxury and extravaganza at this price. But, I am drooling over this and wishing for $3995 to magically appear in my bank account.

Carry Art With You

I love functional art; I always appreciate the idea of owning something beautiful that can also be used on daily basis. This tote is a piece of art that is gorgeous and useful on a shopping trip or as a sturdy traveler.

Elsako is a French textile designer and illustrator who designed this tote for Vitrine, an online boutique. More on the artist's art work: "Like the change of seasons, her drawing is all about transformation. Nature blends and morphs so that animal figures, like owls and foxes become trees; eyes peer out from highly detailed and beautifully rendered patterns of feathers, leaves, flowers, and butterflies. You can stare at it for hours, immersing yourself in this other world that Elsako so intricately created."

Thanks, Blaire.

DIY 3D Paper Owl Art

This wonderful 3D Paper Owl project is by Larissa of mmmcrafts. She has provided an easy to follow instructions along with the pictures on cutting the pieces and assembling them to give the piece a 3D effect. This 3D art can be made with the owl awake in the night time or sleeping owl in the day time using different color schemes and backgrounds. For complete tutorial and to download pattern pieces, click here.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happie Loves It

I am loving this cute, Asian-inspired tee by Happie Loves it.

New at Urban Outfitters

Have you seen these lovely owl products at Urban Outfitters website? Don't they always have the most amazing and unique things? Sometimes I feel that they know exactly what we owl-lovers want. I mean, how adorable is that owl shower curtain?

Eleanor Gorsch

Eleanor Gorsch is well known for her whimsical designs and animal patterns on Keds shoes. Her impressive portfolio also includes clients like Urban Outfitters, Alien Workshop and Chronicle Books. Eleanor's simple geometric shapes and clean lines style "is reminiscent of Charley's, yet all her own. Eleanor may be the protoge he never knew he had!"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Retro Sessions Wall Clock

A gorgeous retro owl shaped clock from Sessions available at Sixty to Seventy. The clock is a thin piece of wood cut out and painted in retro colors.

The Happy Owls by Celestino Piatti

I adore these cute illustrations from a vintage children's book The Happy Owls, illustrated and written by Celestino Piatti in 1964. I just ordered my copy online at amazon and if you want one too, you can order here!

{images via here}

Lauren Nassef

Lauren Nassef is a freelance illustrator based out of Chicago. I spent hours looking at her extensive portfolio of wonderful sketches and minimal designs. She also maintains a blog called A Drawing A Day which she updates with her current illustrations.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Charley Harper Mural

This mural was designed by Charley Harper in the downtown Cincinnati John Weld Peck Federal Building at 550 Main Street. The mural consists of two small murals, each 18' × 10.5', titled American Wildlife and features about 100 animals done entirely in ceramic tile. I would love to see this masterpiece in person. Have you seen this?

{images via here, here and here}

Inspiration: Birthday Party

Last week, Michell sent me these photos of her son's wonderful 2nd birthday party to share with you all. This party has lots of fun ideas and tons of inspiration for an owl themed party. Ready?

I am impressed with the creativity of both the parents and awed by the attention to detail. Michelle sewed up some owls and placed them on the swing in the patio (perfect way to greet the guests) and made the banner from the old used books. While, her husband designed the birthday invitations, picked out some special antiques around the house and made quills so the guests could pen birthday wishes in style :)

I love the color palette, the use of birch branches and those paper pom poms. Last but not the least, the cupcakes. How sweet are these owl cupcakes?! They look as if they were made by a bakery but these were made by Michelle herself, from scratch. Amazing, right?