Friday, January 30, 2015

Amazing Art of Kentaro Nishino

Kentaro Nishino was born in 1980 in Kanazawa city, Japan. In 2003 he moved from Hawaii university to Academy of Art University, San Francisco, to study more about art. He grew up learning about animals from his father who was a guide to the Mt. Haku. When he was only a child he was fascinated by rare alpine flora and animals, and during his visits with his father in nature he started to appreciate and love nature.

He creates these beautiful paintings using air brush technique where animals and natural scenery is the main theme. He mostly uses air brush for his paintings which he says provides his work rich colors, realism and picturesque expressions that he desires in his work. For each of his paintings, he begins with a hand drawn sketch which he then turns into about a 100 templates that are used for applying colors layer over layer with precision a task that demands a lot of time and patience. To give his animals eye, fur and other important details he uses paint brush. 

"I would like people to notice such beautiful sceneries, and that there are animals on the verge of extinction...Animals in my work always have someone beside them. It may be a parent, a child, a brother or a friend. I always have family as a theme for my productions. Animals care for their children, brothers, and friends, just like us humans...I'd be glad if my work would inspire loving and compassionate feelings in people."

To know more about his work you can see his step by step creative process here. To view more of his artwork or to get updates on his new work, you can follow him on facebook.

5 Adorable Valentine Bento Lunch Ideas

DIY: Valentine's Day Stuffed Owl

Nancy from Crafts Unleashed has shared this wonderful tutorial that teaches how to make a stuffed owl for Valentine. There is still time to give something handmade this Valentine's Day so why not try this project. After all, it's easy, don't need too many supplies and is super cute! The tutorial comes with step by step instructions and a template to print. It's a perfect present to your kids or to your sweetheart who loves owls!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bird Collages by Olga Ezova-Denisova

Olga Ezova-Denisova is a mixed media artist, an illustrator and a collage maker presently living in Ekaterinburg, Russia. I am completely in love with the owls and the eagles series handmade by the artist. The color and texture in her work is just fantastic! Every bird has a unique characteristics and you can tell by the expressions if an owl is a sleepy owl like in the fourth image from the top. 

Her blog is a visual treat where you can learn about other talents that she has such as her appliques, embroidered collages, block printing and much, much more! You can read a wonderful interview that she gave to Frankie an Australian magazine here.

DIY: Owl and Fox Valentine Cards

With this super easy tutorial you can make your valentine cards just in a few minutes! Just grab some paper, glue, scissors and a pen, and hand make these cute cards this Valentine's Day. There are two designs you can make using simple heart shapes - owl and fox. Simply cut the paper in the shapes instructed in the tutorial, glue, draw and write a small note on the back of the card. 

This is definitely an awesome Valentine's craft idea for kids as well as for kids at heart. For the complete tutorial and tips go to Asia's blog Mama Do That.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whoo Loves You Valentine’s Day Party

Mariah from Giggles Galore hosted "Whoo Loves You Valentine’s Day Party" for her friends choosing owl as the theme. This Valentine's Day party has many wonderful ideas that will have kids loving this holiday as much as the grown ups. My favorite thing about the party is the color scheme. The combination of brown, blue, white, pink and red is perfect for those who are not fond of complete traditional red. There are lots of treats at this party! If I were to host a Valentine's Day party I would definitely incorporate that owl bean bag board idea to have something where children and adults both can have great fun together.

I hope you get inspired by this party and find ideas useful enough to adopt in your next party. If you get a chance, do let me know your favorite thing about the party by leaving a comment below.

Brown Paper Bag Animal Headbands and Masks

These forest friends headbands and masks is an easy project that your kids will love to make with you. To make animal headbands you'll need only a handful of things like some leaves, brown bag, black and white marker, double sided tape and scissors. If you are making masks then get some elastic cord, needle and  a mask to be used as a template for making your favorite animal -owl, rabbit, eagle, bear or any other animal that you can think of. 

To get the complete instructions on the animal headbands and masks shown above go Handmade While you are there look for some more fun and creative projects that you'll love to try with your kids.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Round-Up of Valentine's Day Cards

Monday, January 26, 2015

Linda Solovic

Linda Solovic is a mixed media collage artist who has been drawing, painting, sewing and making art since she was 6. The inspiration for her work comes from vintage greeting cards, quilts, 50s and 60s children's illustrations, animated cartoons, Marimekko and Japanese Zabka sewing projects. She is an avid visitor of flea markets and collector of junk to which she gives life again in her work. Her style of artwork is full of bright colors, patterns, shapes and a dash of whimsy invoking a smile from the viewer. She recently designed a collection of children's prints for Oopsy Daisy an online kid’s room decor and wall art company.

Presently, she is a senior lecturer teaching illustration at Washington University College of Art at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts. To view more of her artwork visit her portfolio on Behance and visit her online store on Etsy where she has over 100 prints available for purchase.