Friday, May 15, 2015

Bloody Kirka: Psychedelic Art

The Watchers


Print Star of Wander


La Machine

Diela Maharanie also known as Bloody Kirka is an illustrator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Growing up she learnt karate, ballet, math, and journalism but she always felt that something was missing in her life, her true calling. At that moment she decided to start her career as a professional illustrator, for which she let her mind to wander to places that you couldn't imagine. Her art depicted animals, human figures, imaginative characters from another world with a hint of Aztec vibe.

Diela describes her art "as an idiosyncratic colors and pattern madness!" That is so true. I am swooning over her art full of amazing bright colors and psychedelic patterns. 

DIY: Owl Picture Frame

Laarnie of 'To Sew With Love' has created this lovely owl picture frame with easy to follow step by step tutorial. To make this owl picture frame you don't really need to know sewing (sewing is optional!) . The materials needed for the project are - fleece fabric, felt fabric, plastic sheet, buttons, glue and scissors. The tutorial comes with printable templates to get you started without much ado. You can find the templates and download to print them from here. The picture frame is perfect to give as a gift to a new mother or to decorate a nursery.

Cute Owl Image For Free

I adore today's freebie because of the owl's priceless expression and those big eyebrows! This inquisitive looking little guy is designed by Beccy and can be found on her blog. You can download the owl in color or blank and fill in the colors of your choice. 

Beccy made a card using the owl image which looks so cute! You can also use the image in scrapbooking or any other paper craft project that you are working on this summer.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hermès Window Installation by Zim & Zou

Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann of Zim & Zou  whose work I previously featured on my blog here have created some more magic which deserves to be shared with you all. Their latest installation Museum of Natural History became the beautiful installation for the first Hermès in China; the Shanghai Hermès Maison.

"The concept was inspired by a Museum of Natural History, melted with a Cabinet of Curiosities. The windows, hand-made with paper and leather, are an invitation to wander. Passers-by were suddenly walking through the corridors of a mysterious Museum, straight from the street. The themes were inspired by nature, the two main windows were about Air and Water, and the two smaller ones about Earth. All the animals were carefully handcrafted using leather offcuts from Hermès workshops in Paris. In the water themed window, a 5 meters dinosaur paper skull is swimming through the room (plesiosaurus skull). The whole project required almost 3 months of work, and the support of a great local team." - from Zim & Zou website.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stunning Tapestries by Guidette Carbonell

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Marguerite also known as Guidette Carbonell (1910-2008) was a French ceramics and textile artist of the twentieth century. She used to make mind-blowing tapestry, sculptures and ceramics featuring animals especially owls, and nature. The photos of the gorgeous series of tapestries are from a retrospective of Carbonell's work  at Galerie Mercier, Paris. Below shown are some of her brilliant work that was focused on nocturnal creatures - owls, depicted in various shapes and abstract forms.

Harpy double sided , 1960, private collection

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ceramic Canisters by Now Designs

Owl motif stoneware canisters are by Now Designs a brand based in Vancouver, Canada that offers everyday functional kitchen goodies. The jars come in three different sizes small featuring one owl, medium two owls and large three owls in shades of light, dark and very dark blue. They come with rubber seal wooden lid making them perfect for cookies, sugar, tea and coffee.

To place an order, you can find a store that stocks the Now Designs merchandise by going here. The canisters and many more products can also be purchased online from

Double Exposure Photography by Andreas Lie

Andreas Lie is a visual artist based in Bergen, Norway who combines the wild animals' photographs with verdant landscapes, creating a subtle double exposure portraits. Norway's stunning beauty hasn't yet been spoiled by mankind, Bergen that is nestled along the fjords of the Hordaland district and surrounded by seven forested mountains is an inspiration to Lie for his work. 

By combining two different photographs Lie creates double-exposure effect making surreal images look so natural and pleasing. Lie turns snowy mountain peaks and thick forests of evergreens into fur and feathers of owls, wolves, foxes etc. creating an awe-inspiring art work. Lie's work is available as prints, on tote bags, clocks, cushions and more on Society 6.