Friday, March 19, 2021

3D Characters That Can be Printed and Assembled at Home

Hou Soon Ming is a cartoon illustrator and 3D modeller based in Singapore with an experience of over 30 years. From a very young age Ming was inspired by Disney, ever since he has been creating characters, illustrations and designs "that not only tell a great story but also embodies the spirit of Disney’s aesthetics and creativity."

His passion has led him to create 3D paper models that can be printed and assembled to decorate any corner of the house. You can find over 400 designs including owls, sloths, cats, pigs, foxes, rabbits, and many popular characters in his online store.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pen & Ink on Sculpted Paper Paintings by Award Winning Artist Col Mitchell

Award winning paper artist Col Mitchell works with pen and ink and sculpted papers on canvas or panel to create stunning paintings. She calls this technique "Pen & Ink on Sculpted Paper". In 2008 she attended paper on canvas workshop which she had no interest in at the time, she went with it as a challenge to herself to move out of her comfort zone. This workshop proved to be a strong foundation for her artwork later on. Whatever she learnt from the artists around her combining that she invented her own unique technique.

Col specializes in creating paintings where wet tissue paper is applied on the canvas and crumbled to form trees, wildlife birds and so on. Once the paper is dried the artist uses acrylic washes before she fills in the intricate details like branches, leaves, feathers, fur, petals, and other shapes with black ink.

"My works show a single predominant subject, designed to catch the eye through shape and colour. The texture reads as movement or energy. As you explore further, get closer, the details emerge. The complexity of the interwoven coloured lines heightens the sense of discovery which (hopefully) ignites and connects you to your own memories of discovery that have a sense of the fantastical to them." via
You must watch the following video to learn more about her process.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Samara Hardy: UK Based Freelance Illustrator and Designer

Samara Hardy is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Brighton, UK. She specializes in children's books illustration featuring funny, delightful characters. Owl with long thin legs, raven strutting in boots, and odd couple of pig and giraffe in lovely watercolors will win your heart right away!

Her designs have been used on greetings cards, stationery, homewares, children's books, and much more. She has worked with clients across the globe including Tesco, Hallmark, Oxford University Press, Usborne, American Greetings, Kilner, Parlane and Morrisons to name a few. She has won New Designers Hallmark Award, and won first place in the Plum Pudding Awards Alice in Wonderland Competition. She has created illustrations for books such as "Who loves the dragon?", "Don't wake the dragon?", "The turkey that voted for Christmas", and "The mouse that cancelled Christmas". She is currently represented by Plum Pudding Illustration. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Children's Picture Book Illustrator Draws Whimsical Paintings on Wood Panels

Amy Hevron is an artist, author and an illustrator originally from Texas presently based in Seattle, Washington. After finishing BFA in Graphic Design from Texas State University, Amy earned a certificate in Natural Science Illustration from the University of Washington.

She paints whimsical worlds filled with loveable characters inspired by birds, animals and nature. She paints with saturated acrylics on various types of wood panels which gives her work rich texture. "The texture and natural forms of the wood helped with the inspiration and unique quality of each piece.”

She has illustrated for many picture books including Trevor by Jim Averbeck, Moon Babies by Karen Jameson, The Perfect Pet for You! by Estelle Laure and Dust Bunny Wants a Friend authored by herself. She is currently working on illustrations for the upcoming books - The Tide Pool Waits and The Longest Journey: An Arctic Tern’s Migration. Her impressive clients' list includes Neal Porter Books, Schwartz & Wade, Random House Studio, Roaring Brook Press, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Harper Collins, Washington State Library, King County Library System, Pacific Science Center. Amy is represented by Kirsten Hall of Catbird Agency.

Pavana Ceramics Made with Speckled Clay and Bright Glazes

Tatiana Novikova is a ceramic artist and designer behind Pavana Ceramica. When I discovered her work what caught my attention right away was the rough form of her whimsical pieces.

She creates functional ceramic pieces that are suitable to be used everyday. The collection of cups, plates, teapots, vases, teapots, mirrors, soap dishes, vessels and lamps are individually made by the artist. Her ceramics are a piece of art shaped into owls, rabbits or abstract shapes. I love the combination of speckled textured clay and bright glazes in her work. The owl lamp is to die for. It's so cute!