Friday, April 26, 2019

Super Sweet Dishes Inspired by Children's Story Book Characters

I am swooning over these adorable ceramics by Canadian artist Carole Eep. In 2005, she received her Masters Degree in Ceramics from the Australian National University. Ever since then she has worked for herself and opened a studio to share her work. She mainly creates sculptures and functional objects that are suitable to use everyday.

She first started to make whimsical ceramic dishes for her son, now after years the collection has gained her popularity on Instagram and has become a major part of her studio practice. The dishes feature sweet illustrations inspired by story book characters that will bring smile to your face.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada, Australia, Scotland and the United States. Her artwork has also been published in magazine, websites and books. You can visit this page to find the places where her ceramics are available for purchase. Visit her account Musing About Mud on Instagram to learn more about her work.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Modern Embroidery Kits Inspired by Sea and Land

Hook, Line & Tinker is a brainchild of Laurie Dolhan founded in 2017. She lives by the sea in the beautiful community of Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia and calls herself a "thalassophile" someone who loves ocean. The modern embroidery patterns and kits are based on her original illustrations, inspired by her love for all things living on the land and sea. "My business is a reflection of my values – care for people, respect for the environment, and a deep desire to create something meaningful and real through a shared act of making."

She donates 5% of the profits to help women and children experiencing homelessness. To support her work take a peek in her online store.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Beautiful Illustrations Made With Flower Petals And Other Natural Materials


I am sure you have seen flower art by Bridget Beth Collins around the internet. I too featured her lovely work on the blog a while ago here. I have been following her creative journey on her Instagram account Flora Forager, it's a perfect place to get lost for sometime in your day. Her work has a quality that would energize you with a dose of nature. These "illustrations" are created with flowers, twigs, and foliage she collects from around her neighborhood.  "Flora Forager is a product of my love affair with glittering nature, and my own artistic skills honed over the years."

Her artwork often made with purple star magnolias, succulents, scabiosas, poppy, daisy petals and more. Her children's alphabet book ABC features animals created with natural materials. For example, the owls and the moon (second image from top) are made with mini, pink daffodils. To see more images from the book go here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Amazing Paper Sculptures by Suzanne Breakwell

Self-taught artist Suzanne Breakwell constructs amazing sculptures from wire, paper, paper mache and cotton rag papers. She chooses her own techniques to describe and build character of the subject she has chosen to work on. She hand paints ink onto cotton rag papers and pages before hand cutting them into tiny feathers that sparks life to her pieces.

She will be showcasing her sculptures at The Artichoke gallery from 31 March through 23 June. To find more information on the exhibition and to know about her upcoming shows go here

Monday, April 22, 2019

Socks from "The Sock City" in the World

How would you like to own a pair of socks made at " The Sock City" in the world! That's right! Nara socks are made in Nara city also known as "The Sock City" where the craftsmen have been perfecting the art of socks for over 100 years.

Nara socks are products of meticulous craftsmanship of the Japanese tradition that are stylish as well as comfortable on your feet. Each pair goes through a painstaking process that involves 15 steps of socks creation. At every step the artisan pays attention to every little detail, striving to get a perfect end result. 

Their "over the knee" sock collection features playful motifs like owl and the moon, cats, rabbits, foxes, peacocks and more. You can find other styles on their website. They ship worldwide!