Friday, March 9, 2018

Emily Sutton's Illustrations Inspired by Vintage and Antique

Emily Sutton is an illustrator and artist based out of York. In 2008 she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and later studied at York College. She has always loved to draw and paint, and uses these techniques in her beautiful prints. Her work is influenced by the landscape of her surroundings in the Yorkshire countryside, vintage and antique objects. The combination of patterns, intricate detail and colors transforms an ordinary into a visual treat for the viewer.

Her work has been featured in World of Interiors magazine. Godfrey & Watt have been exhibiting her work since 2006. She won Elle Decoration British Design Award and she has illustrated for children’s book for the V&A. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ceramics by Ron Meyers

Georgia based ceramic artist Ron Meyers is internationally known for his whimsical pottery. He has over 30 years of experience working in clay and has taught at the University of South Carolina, Columbia and at the University of Georgia in Athens. 

What makes his work stand out from the rest is the raw and pleasantly rough texture formed by the leaving hand and finger marks by the artist while throwing on the wheel. He gives a unique characteristic to his ceramics by altering the pieces often by pokeing at the surface that is finished with animal portraits. He has conducted number of workshops and particpated in exhibitions both in the United States and abroad.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bringing Paper Landscapes to Life: Kelly Pousette

Kelly Pousette is an illustrator and a storybook author from Northern BC, Canada. She creates whimsical scenes using mixed media such as paper-cut pieces and shadowboxes. She likes to spend time outdoor to get inspirsed for her work “being outside really brings these scenes and animals to life for me.” Her dioramas features woodland creatures and other characters that she paints by hand in watercolor, charcoal and conte crayon.

The landscape and the tiny characters are placed upright to create a three dimesional scene. The entire piece comes to life with the use of light “The layers create these amazing shadows; you can change the light and create a different scene without changing the pieces, or you replace one element and make an entirely different scene again.”

Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post Paris, The Brown Paper Bag Blog, and Brightness Magazine. She is currently represented by Red Fox Literary.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Artist Communicates The Bird Extinction Crisis Through His Murals

London based street artist ATM celebrates the beauty of birds and the alamaring crisis of extinction through his enormous murals. He urges to people through his paintings to notice how humans have played a role in disapperenace of raptors. Our modern farming methods often destroy the rough pastures and wild places where these birds live, hunt and nest. His hope is that we can join hands in bringing about fundamental change in modern farming practices, and city planning to avert global disaster. 

"Raptors are important for complete and healthy ecosystems. They cannot be excluded without significant imbalance for the whole web of interconnected species of plants and animals."

His bird murals are on walls across London, Bristol,Poland and Norway. You can learn more about the birds on his Instagarm and have a chance to grab a limited edition print of these birds before they are gone.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Surprise Party by Pat Hutchins


The Surprise Party is a children's picture book published in 1972 illustrated by Pat Hutchins. The book consists total of 32 pages, each page comes with chock full of beautiful illustrations. The super vibrant animal illustrations on light background are remininensce of patterns and drawings on enamelware in the 70s.

The story starts with a rabbit who is having a party and how it's misheard by rest of the animals until the very end when everything comes together.

"I'm having a party tomorrow," Rabbit whispers to Owl. "It's a surprise." But Owl tell the news to Squirrel, he says, "Rabbit is hoeing the parsley tomorrow. It's a surprise." By the time word has spread to all of Rabbit's friends, it's anyone's guess just what it is that Rabbit will be doing tomorrow!

While the colorful illustrations will keep the little ones engaged and the story will win giggles. It will make a great story that can be enacted for a game of telephone by more mature audience.