Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sculptural Ceramics by Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers is a ceramic artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. He graduated with Masters in Fine Arts from University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison in 2005. While growing up he was surrounded with Native American artifacts and American antiques. Early on in his life, he learnt to appreciate aged metal, old furniture, and musty smell of books.

He sculpts ceramic pieces that are unusual in design but functional in nature. Jugs, vessels, vases, cups, and teapots are created using a combination of thrown and hand-building processes. His work was influenced by his love for toys, Latin American ceramics, architecture and the American folk face jug tradition started by early American potters.

He has participated in several exhibitions all over the country. He recently won first place in at the Jansen Art Center in Washington State. To find out about his upcoming shows, follow him on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Surreal Oil Paintings by Thomas Ascott

Thomas Ascott is a visual artist and a painter based in South Florida. He creates whimsical oil paintings with surreal characters and landscapes inspired by The Smoky Mountains and the Little Pigeon River, where the artist grew up. 

"No matter what the central element of a piece may be, the natural flora and fauna of the Smokies creeps in, whether in the obvious form of a Smoky Mountain songbird or salamander, or in the less obvious form of rhododendron leaves and lichen-covered boulders."

I am not sure anyone else could make the skeletons look so endearing as him, I want to hug them! His work usually features a female figure as a primary subject with an animal by her side in harmony. There are vibrant colors, patterns and softness to her work.

His work has been exhibited at several galleries and museums including the Beinart Gallery and the Arch Enemy Arts. In 2018, Mutual Art’s artist press archive featured Thomas Ascott’s Strange, Yet Personal ‘Astral Woods’ Paintings. He is participating in the upcoming group show Come Undone in Melbourne, Australia on November 2nd 2019. You can watch this space for updates for his future events. His online store can be visited for art print and stickers, here.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Australian Bird Series by Pete Cromer

Pete Cromer is a designer and an illustrator based in Victoria's Surf Coast. After finishing Bachelors degree in Visual Communication he worked for Hallmark and other well-known Australian brands. In 2014, he started to work full-time for himself creating psychedelic bird collages using combination of mediums. His Australian Bird series consists of simple shapes and cheerful color palette. You can visit his online store for limited edition prints, enamel pins, and originals.