Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy Labor Day! + Ceramic Pencil Holders

Happy September! This brand new month comes with a long weekend, it's the Labor day in the US. Are you going to use this break to relax before the new-season begins? Or, have you planned an exciting trip? Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have fun!

But before I go, I wanted to introduce you to adorable yet functional ceramics by Daria Kreis a ceramist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her online store Scandiaca11 offers animal shaped tealight holders, plates, sculptures, cups and pencil holders. The unusual shapes of animals in her ceramics are still recognizable by wonderful details such as feathers, beaks and spines. You must visit her online store to see more of her creations.

Happy Labor day! I'll see you back on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Left-Facing Animal Paintings by Catriona Hall

Branching Out

Hamish and Hellbores

Robin Revelling

Gentle Guinevere

Raiding The Rosehips

Topiary Dog

Mother and Child

Pottery Pride

Jumping The Auriculas

Haddon Hall Hinds

Catriona Hall is an artist based out of Derbyshire, UK. She studied History of Art at Warwick University and after that worked in the publishing world. She paints animals, birds, landscapes and houses influenced by the time she spent in America and Egypt. Early medieval Italian altarpieces, Edward Bawden, John and Paul Nash, Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Elgin marbles have also heavily influenced her work.

She is best known for painting animals and birds that are highly stylized, portly, whiskerless and always left-facing. Her paintings have an appealing quirky simplicity and rich, earthly color palette.

Catriona Hall's art work has been exhibited at many leading British Art Galleries such as Red Rag Modern Art Gallery. You can view her paintings and prints on her website. A collection of greeting cards based on her original paintings can be found here.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make Eco-Friendly Playhouses at Home: Hulki

Dutch brand Hulki designs playhouses for kids made from recyclable material. The clever cardboard creation are great for kid's imagination as well as environmentally friendly. The playhouses are built in Netherlands with beautiful ultra-strong cardboard to withstand wear and tear from children.

Playhouses come in three adorable designs - owl, whale and turtle with choices of two colorways each, and fun details like entry doors, windows, fins and wings. Kids will love to spend time inside these reading a book, listening to music or taking a nap. They ship worldwide. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Embroidered Owls, Skeletons and More by Oeroeboeroe



Mary of Oeroeboeroe is a very talented embroidery artist from Amersfoort, Netherlands. She creates beautiful embroideries that almost look like sketches done with fine strokes of a pencil. One can see every delicate stitch in her work, overlapping threads form bones on the skeletons and feathers on the owl's face. 

Owls, cats, skeletons, insects and bugs are some of the recurring themes of her work. She hand-embroiders each piece with black embroidery thread often on light background which makes her subject stand out. Her intricate and detailed embroideries are framed into a wooden hoop ready to hang on a wall to be cherished forever! Visit her online store to view more of her work.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Birds of Wisdom With 20k Gold Crowns

Heather Soicher is a ceramicist based in Mill Valley, California. She grew up in Monterey and got exposed to the creative world early on in her life through her artist parents. She has been passionate in ceramics since high school and was drawn to the way clay plays a role in human culture both the functional and the sacred.

"Birds of Wisdom” is a series of owls, each one unique and with distinct personality. The secret chamber inside the owl includes a hidden quote which makes every one even more so special. Heather's owls are often seen with a 20k gold crown, giving them a royal appearance.