Monday, April 20, 2020

Award Winning Multidisciplinary British Artist Alexandra Gallagher



Award winning multidisciplinary artist Alexandra Gallagher was born in 1980 in Lancashire, England. She started out as a portrait painter, over the years while experimenting with other media she began to create collages from photographs and found image. 

Her surreal pieces feature female figures with natural elements, animals and geometric shapes. She mainly uses Photoshop to sketch ideas for her painting and creates digital collages. This process saves her time and makes editing quicker which suits her needs.

The artist once worked on a project for a cruise ship. The mural consisted of four large sized paintings for which the artist had to borrow a studio space to create the work on large canvas panels which were later pieced together for the installation.

She has been exhibiting and selling her art across the country and internationally, including Saatchi Gallery, London. She has been nominated for several awards and awarded the Saatchi Showdown Surrealism Second Place Winner and the Secret Art Prize Runner Up Winner 2016. She has been shortlisted for her work for the Zealous X and was a finalist in the London Contemporary Art. DegreeArt and Artellite are exclusively selling her limited edition paste up murals and prints inspired by her original art.