Friday, February 8, 2019

Japanese Artist Makes Nature Inspired Tapestry


Kayoko Sawada is a Japanese textile artist. She creates beautiful illustrations using hand spun yarn that she specifically makes for the piece. Her work is primarily inspired by nature, often features animals especially birds and owls. Her style has a vintage charm mixed in perfectly with a modern twist. She holds workshops locally and participates in shows to showcase her work. She recently exhibited her work at Rungta, Tokyo. For a closer look at her work and for behind the scene pictures go to Instagram.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Quirky Character Piñatas by Whack


These super cute piñatas by Whack Piñatas remind me of summer parties in a lush garden. Aracely Sanchez started her company in 2010 to offer her creations to kids of all ages. Inspired by her Mexican culture and her love for Kawaii design she hand makes quirky piñatas in her home studio in Southern California. She creates unique piñatas for weddings and birthday parties, from owls to cactus, from flamingos to teepees. Her work recently got featured in Martha Stewart magazine.

I love that owl, and flamingos, and teepee and all! Which one is favorite?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cool Art on Paper Coffee Cups

Miguel Angel Cardona is a professor and a designer living in San Francisco. He has an unusual canvas for his art, paper coffee cups. He has an Instagram account where he shares his new work on a regular basis. He has been drawing since 2012, his subject matters range from famous people to fictional characters, from owls to aliens. He sells these cups and donates all the proceeds to buy books, blankets and toys for homeless children.

His work has been featured on WXXI's Arts in Focus and presented at the Memorial Art Gallery for their "Hidden Passions" series. His cool coffee cups has been published online by many websites including Cool Hunting, Mashable,, The Chive, The DailyDot, and Daily Mail. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Surreal Images Created Merging Animals and Everyday Objects


Les Créatonautes is a creative agency based in Strasbourg that merges animals and everyday objects to create final images that are a blend of humor and digital skill.

The bizarre images will show toast and tape are the same, beer froth for snow, owl has dashboard for eyes, rhino has bus for a body and duck has champagne bottle for a beak. Their Instagram account has hundreds of such posts to tickle your imagination along with other close to 50K people who have already been following them.