Thursday, March 25, 2021

Hand-Carved Jewelry By UK Based Artist Sarah Vigars

Sarah Vigars is a woodcarver and a wildlife artist based near Totnes, Devon, UK. For over 10 years Sarah worked as a prop maker, set designer, puppet maker, and puppeteer in the field of theater. She began to learn wood-carving while she was still working as children’s puppetry company Puppetcraft under John Roberts. In 2016, Sarah founded her own puppet theatre company and called it 'Wild Toy Theatre'. 

In 2018, she took a break from theatre and started to make beautiful things, inspired by animals, plants, and birds in their natural habitats. She makes stunning brooches and necklaces influenced by the mythology, folklore and traditional tales of the British Isles and Europe. 

Her pieces are individually hand-carved from seasoned lime wood and hand painted with eco-friendly water-based wood dyes. The bio-degradable materials and natural sealants give such rich color and smoothness to her jewelry.

Besides her own designs she is happy to take on any commissions, so if you have something in mind that you would want her to make for you then she will love to hear from you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Stunning Embroideries Of Endangered Species On Dried Leaves

Laura Dalla Vecchia of 'levezaart' is an artist from Curitiba, Brazil. She is a student of biology and her interest in anatomy of flora and fauna gives her inspiration to create unique embroidered artwork. Laura uses dried leaves as canvas for 'painting' stunning birds and animals. She mostly features endangered species in as a way of raising awareness through her embroidered artwork. She has embroidered over 83 Brazilian species so far. Her birds have astounding detail work in vibrant colors which makes them look so real. It's mind-blowing how such she has managed to fit in in a piece which is of a size of a palm.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Japanese Paper Collages by Rebecca Ridout of Gnarly Cat

Rebecca Ridout is a graphic designer who loves to create paper collages using Japanese and other handmade papers. In 2003, she studied in Japan which had a huge impact on her personal art style. Her interest in traditional Japanese craft has inspired her artwork, she even signs her work with her name in Japanese katakana.

Her paper collage series is created using hand-cut paper and assembling them in layers to form an illustration. In the beginning Rebecca was making greeting cards with the technique but gradually she progressed into larger paper collage compositions. Her artwork primarily feature animals, birds and natural elements with Asian influence. The paper collages are composed of handmade Thai papers and Japanese origami paper. She can be contacted you custom commission work through her website -