Friday, April 15, 2011

Mixed Bag 1

Hi everyone, today I've started a new category - "Mixed Bag" - where I plan to share a collection of random owls. "Mixed Bag" posts will consist of  any and everything that I find inspiring, ranging from street art to vintage finds. It could be a mosaic in a subway station in a far flung corner of the world, or it could be the fancy store decoration in the store around the block. Whether it's  paper collages or doodles in the sand, if it's got owls, you'll see it here.

So, here goes the very first "Mixed Bag" post. I hope you enjoy it. It would be great to hear what you think about this section and what all will you like to see in it.

Martin Cheek
Swan Bones
Melinda Josie
Unity Coombes
Nello Foresto
 Thank you for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

Bubo Bubo: Wooden Owl Sculptures

"Bubo Bubo" - the charming wooden owls are a result of a collaborative project of Norwegian designer duo Andreas Engesvik and Stokke Austad. They were created for the fair Designblok in Prague.

“We wanted to work with sculpture – without any specific function other than the purely decorative. This is a genre that is unexplored in our discipline and in our field. We find it interesting to exceed these limits, since it, in our opinion, are artificial divisions between these disciplines. A renewed interest in the field of craftsmanship, tradition and new categories – has brought us into an area and expressions that we want to explore further. Thus, reducing the gap between industrial design and what we know as arts and crafts.”

Thought Of The Day:Hopeful

"No matter how long the winter spring is sure to follow" illustration by Alyssa Nassner.

(via super sonic electronic)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jainai Jeffries: Mail Out

Jainai Jeffries puts her personal touch to each envelope she mails out to her client. She randomly chooses her subject matter to draw right on the mailing envelope which is never the same. Don't you wish your mail arrived looking this beautiful? The one with the owls illustration must have made the recipient very happy. I know, I'd be.

April Showers by Polder


Polder's kid's clothing and accessories collection "April Showers" is gorgeous. The range features simple print of grey owls on a white background. Available at Smallable.

Claire Hartigan




Claire Hartigan is an illustrator and printmaker living in London. Her amazing ink drawings of Little Owl, Burrowing Owl and Barn Owl are available in limited editions here and here


If you want to carry these adorable pieces everywhere you go then buy her key rings which she released based on her original illustrations.


Vintage Printable: Draw Some Owls

draw-an-owl1 draw-an-owl2

Graphics Fairy shared this free printable from a vintage drawing book that shows how to draw owls! If you have never tried drawing before and have always wanted to then print out this printable now! There is no reason to stop because there are more animals that you can learn to draw. Find more printables here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Decoylab: Owl Bamboo Clock

New "Buddy owl bamboo clock" by Decoylab. It would look great in any room, especially in a kid's room or a nursery. It's laser cut from bamboo and is completely silent so it won't disturb the baby.

Anthropologie: Wide Eyed Dishtowel

I want it! But I know I am not going use it for drying the dishes.Will you? I mean look at those little guys. So cute!

{available at Anthropologie, here}

Helen Dardik and Creative Imaginations

Helen Dardik created this adorable scrapbooking set - Forest Critters - with Creative Imaginations.This set features woodland friends including owls, raccoon, leaves and hedgehog. It makes me want to scrapbook!

Not into scrapbooking? You can use the set to create beautiful cards like this one below.

{via creative imaginations blog}

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sherry of YOomi crafts these adorable knitted little animal dolls! You can learn more about Sherry's cute characters from the character introduction page on her blog. I bet you would like to know Kai - an adventurous owl or Jacob - the owl who loves to grow mushrooms?

Karen Davis: Owl Hangers

It didn't take me long to admire and fall in love with Karen Davis' artwork. She has a beautiful blog named - Moonlight and Hares - and while reading about her amazing works I came across these owl hangers that she hand painted a while ago. Aren't these stunning?

You'll find her artwork often contains animals like owl and fox which artist shares that she uses "in a symbolic way. I've always been interested in stories using animals. Fairytales and superstitions relating to them. I use them as the inbetween link between us and the earth or ethereal world I suppose? The owl sat amid the starlit forest in my painting  'The Keeper Of Time' for instance is just that an owl, but is also reminding us of wisdom and the passing of time. Or a wisdom lost over time."

The hangers are no longer available but if you like her work then you must visit her online store for other wonderful creations.

Yuri Shimojo

owl one

blue and black two

owl two

I am loving these beautiful watercolor paintings by Yuri Shimojo an artist born in Japan. "Her upbringing in Tokyo was a very unconventional one – learning Japanese traditional arts and experiencing foreign culture through traveling abroad. These two elements, so drastically different, have influenced her work throughout her entire life."

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meredith Gaston

Ruby Night Owl
Crochet Beauty #1
Tabatha Maple Blossom
Charlie Owl
Jasmina With Zebra
Strawberry Icecream for Mr Owl
Toffee Apple Farm
Another Day on Figtree Farm
Romancing Blossom
"Through my paintings I try to capture the tingle of happiness"

Berlin based artist Meredith Gaston's watercolor illustrations are sure to bring smile to both the young  and the young at heart. I adore her use of warm colors and simple forms portraying relationships, animals (like owl, zebra and swan) and day to day activities in a whimsical world.

She celebrates the beauty of everyday with her artwork  "Life can be profoundly enriched by taking joy and inspiration from the mystery and magic of simple pleasures in daily life."

Her paintings are is available for purchase at Canterbury and Art2Muse gallery.