Friday, June 23, 2017

Detailed Paper Cut Sculptures

I would like to wrap up for the weekend with the amazing work of Fideli Sundqvist a prop designer and paper artist from Sweden. She makes paper sculpture of animals and everything else like seafood plateaus, handbags, food and make-up palettes full of detailed craftsmanship in striking colors.

She has received awards from a renowned Swedish design competition “Kolla!”. She has worked with several big domestic and international clients one of them being Louis Vuitton. She has also published a book titled "I love paper" that has been translated into five languages and became an inspiration for many worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed visiting the blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Incredible Tattoo Art With Lines and Geometry

Tattoo artist Nouvelle Rita from Lisbon, Portugal has been working with ink since 2013. She has a unique style of tattooing using lines and geometry. Her tattoos have a primary object that's recognized right away when you look at it and on looking closer you start finding so many details that you didn't notice before.

Her pieces are mostly done with line-work, with volume and shading added onto to it through the variation in thickness and direction of lines. She loves to make organic objects, especially animals. She travels all around the world taking bookings to make tattoos for fans of her work. You can find where is she going next through the announcements she makes on Instagram where you can also find more of her wonderful work.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fabulous Embroidered Patches by Julia Yevzhenko

I recently stumbled across the fabulous work of Julia Yevzhenko. Ukraine based embroider makes these stunning patches in various designs and styles. Her patches are sometime cross-stitched on beautiful materials like organza and velvet. The craftsmanship is amazing even in the smallest of her pieces. The patches are fun, elegant and unique. Perfect to sew onto a denim jacket, bag, shirt or for a diy project.

Visit her store EmbroideryMoks for more embroidered patches, brooches and traditional Ukrainian dresses.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beautiful Watercolor Hand-Painted Pendants

Norvile Dovidonyte of Nora Illustration is an artist from Lithuania. She got graduated from art school in Lithuania and gained a bachelor degree in fine photography from Vilnius Design College. She handmakes clay necklaces and turns them into wearable art by painting watercolor paintings. Each piece is unique and will make a great gift for someone special in your life. She paints fun characters in vibrant colors and lots of intricate patterns.

"I like to draw various characters with different lifestyles, behavior, wishes and dreams. They all have a unique personal story."

Besides necklaces, you can find art prints and notebooks in her online store here.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tiny Owl on the Ramshackle Farm

"Tiny Owl on the Ramshackle Farm" is a delightful story of an owl by writer and illustrator Lotte Wotherspoon. Tiny Owl who stays awake at night listening to noises and imagines there is a snaggle toothed monster lurking in the dark. The noises that the owl is hearing are from the animals living at the Ramshackle Farm. The parents, at the end of the story, tell him the night time is nothing to be afraid about in fact it's a time to hunt and play.

The children's picture book has 32 pages with hand-drawn illustrations by Lotte Wotherspoon inspired by New Zealand landscapes. The book is available for purchase from Clay Press who ship internationally.