Friday, September 19, 2014

Beautiful Portraits of Birds by Leila Jeffreys

I'll leave you for the weekend with these amazing portraits of Australian birds photographed by Leila Jeffreys. She photographs owls, eagles, cockatoos and other birds capturing their varied personalities, highlighting that many have human characteristics. 

"As a child I was always enamoured with animals, I saw them as 'people' which is how I formed a relationship with them from a very young age. As I've grown, I've watched the human population explode worldwide so I wanted to remind us all about the 'little people' that also share the planet."

She has worked with scientist researching endangered species, wildlife rescue groups, wildlife parks, zoos and private breeders that are all passionate about conservation of these feathered beings. If you wish to see her work in person then you can stop by at Olsen Irwin Gallery, Woollahra, Sydney where she exhibits through September 28th. 

Have a lovely weekend!

DIY: Owl Wreath

This is a fun tutorial that was shared by Rose following which you can make your own owl wreath. The owl wreath is not only adorable, but also unique and pretty simple to create in just a few hours. This will look perfect with your fall decorations as well as Halloween ensemble. 

Following are the things that were used for the project. You can easily find them at a craft store and a thrift store.
- Twig wreath
- Faux feathers
- Foam gourd and pumpkin picks
- Mini corn picks
- Long feather picks
- Wood circle
- Twine and a wire cutter
- Glue 
- Felt and paint pen

For the complete list of materials and instructions click here.

Free Vintage Owl Scrapbooking Paper + Gift Wrap

Do you remember this vintage tawny owl image? Sandra of MeinLila Park has used this image (it's free!) to create owl pattern that you can download to use it for your scrapbooking project or for making cards. There is a high resolution image which will make a great gift wrapping paper or can be used for any other paper craft project. To download the size you need and instructions go here. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Postcards for Ants: A Miniature Painting A Day Project by Lorraine Loots

Cape Town based artist Lorraine Loots creates incredibly detailed miniature paintings everyday day of a year. The project is called "Postcards for Ants" started in 2013, after receiving a great success the artist decided to continue it for a second year. The phase is inspired by Cape Town which is designated as the official World Design Capital of 2014.  She welcomes you to contact her to book her next surprise painting through her website, and she has printed five limited edition postcards for each day. 

You must watch the video above to learn more about her project and the inspiration behind it all. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Woodland Collection by Ulster Weavers

Woodland animal range by Ulster Weavers features three forest friends including owl perched on a branch, a hare and a squirrel surrounded by vibrant trees and flowers. The animals are available on number of products such as fine bone cups, tea towels and a doorstop. They are perfect gift to a nature lover or to yourself to bring a little whimsy to your kitchen. All the products from the range can be found here.