Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Crate & Barrel Collaborate with Patch NYC for New Halloween Collection

Crate & Barrel collaborated with Don and John the designers behind Patch NYC to bring you an exclusive halloween collection this year. The delightfully scary range offers wreaths, tableware, candles, doormat, lanterns, incense burners and decorations. Owl, skull, raven, bat, cat and jack-o-lantern motifs drawn in Patch NYC's signature style are featured in seasonal colors throughout the product's range.

"One part vintage ephemera, one part folklore frights, this exclusive collection takes an inspired approach to Halloween." You can find the all the products here

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Story Di Toy by Mixed Media Artist Seyda Hacizade

Seyda Hacizade is a mixed media artist who was born in Istanbul in 1979. She graduated in the Faculty of Fine Arts from the Department of Theater Decoration and Costume at Mimar Sinan University in 2001. While she was still studying she became interested in the art of making puppets and restoration of violins. Later in 2003 and 2006, Seyda received a fellowship from Italian Government, and completed her master’s degree in the Venice Faculty of Art and Design at the Department of Theater Sciences and Design Philosophy.

"Since childhood, my brain worked differently when it came to objects and events. When I saw something I didn’t like, it was almost natural for me to create a different version of it."

She believes it's important to keep a child in ourselves alive and to nurture her inner child she started to make toys using vintage and found objects. "Because, some things deserve a last detailed look before being discarded." She creates one-of-a-kind assemblages, figurines, wall art and sculptures using recycled steel, old tins, clock parts, and cutlery collected by herself.

She has also worked as an incharge of technical matters in the International Puppet Festival, International Music, Theater and Jazz Festivals. She has worked at the Cengiz Özek Puppet Theatre and has represented Turkey in several national and international festivals. 

You can find all her unique artwork in her online store - Story di Toy.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Highly Detailed Artwork Of Animals Dressed As Human Beings

I am enamored by these paintings by an Australian artist who goes by the name Time Found Tails. The artist features animals as human beings hilariously dressed in jackets, suits, top hats, kimonos and costumes. The watercolor series of animals are painted with intricate details - the fur, feathers and scales are painted with precise tiny strokes of paint brush. Each animal has charming character and unique personality, they almost look like people you would meet in a cafe or pass them in a street.

All of these characters have a story, for example "The Court Jester" the owl - "He despised their laughter. Especially as it was directed at him. The humiliation of this position, so far beneath his own, was infuriating. Yes, he may have attempted to eat the Prince's guest last night after too many glasses of port, but this as a punishment? What type of owl keeps a mouse for company, anyway? Why was this rodent so important? He relished the thought of returning to his commanding post. Maybe he would lead a scouting party along the southern roads tomorrow at dusk when said mouse was due to return to his forested kingdom. Yes. He would do just that."

You can find the signed art prints in artist's online store - Time Found Tails.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Oil Paintings By Australian Award Winning Artist ​​Trisha Lambi

​​Trisha Lambi is an award winning artist based in Australia. She is well-known for her bold, figurative and sensuous oil paintings. Her work mainly depicts women figures dressed lavishly accompanied by feathered friends like owl and raven. There is a smooth, buttery texture to her paintings, Trisha often likes to use her hands to apply and blend paints which gives an organic feel to her finished pieces. Trisha's daughter is a model who inspires her paintings, also she works with reference pictures from her daughter's photo shoots.

Trisha has represented Australia at the 2006 and 2007 Guangzhou Art Fair in China. She completed her first artist residency in 2018 by painting a mural in the streets of Lakkos, the historic old town of Heraklion, Crete. Her paintings have been featured on the Australian reality TV series - The Block. You can find originals and limited edition prints on her website.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Realistic Hand-Felted Animal Sculptures by Tepla Wool

Olena Haras is a fiber artist who specializes in creating soft animal sculptures. Each sculpture is handmade with dry felting technique. In the needle felt technique you stab wool fiber repeatedly with a very sharp, barbed needle. The barbs of the needle felt the wool that is then sculpted into desired shape.

The artist uses the natural wool and barbed needles to create each piece inspired by her imagination. The sculptures are constructed with lots of love and care, one can see precision and attention to detail that went into constructing each animal. The artist succeeds to capture the individual character of each animal making the sculptures appear realistic. For unique animal sculptures, slippers, and brooches visit her online store - Tepla Wool.