Thursday, April 24, 2014

Owl Tables by Moss & Lam

The team of Deborah Moss and Edward Lam of Moss & Lam a Toronto based studio created the charming series of "Mr. Owl" and "Night Owl" tables for Avenue Road. The owl table comes in two colors - white and black, and is made of cement based hydrostone which makes it suitable for outdoor use as well.

For any product related questions or if you want to know the price and more details, you can contact Avenue Road.

Animals in Moiré Patterns

The beautiful series of animals illustrations by Milan based designer Andrea Minini that started as an experiment to obtain complex shapes and depth beginning with just a few lines. With the help of Adobe Illustrator, Minini created textured moiré patterns that give each illustration a surprising intensity. The series feature owl, bats hanging upside down, cobra, gorilla, peacock and bear. To view more of her work, you can go to

{via colossal}

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

John Risley: Owl Table

John Risley was (1919-2002) an sculptor, an artist and a furniture designer Waterville, Maine. His satirical line drawings of pompous, armor-clad Medieval warriors which brought him international success and recognition. He then turned to creating his line drawings into furniture design making unusual wire pieces including owl and other animal shaped tables, women and men stools and chairs to match. His furniture has become highly sought after for its character and clean design, and rare to get your hands on. 

The whimsical and stunning owl table from Risley's 1950's figural series is available through this website for a whopping $1800! 

Grace Lepard: Owl Shawl and Jewelry

Gorgeous handmade jewelry and accessory designed by St Martin's graduate Grace Lepard. Her collection is inspired by birds’ plumage and flight that she first draws in a notebook after a careful observation and then transferring them onto leather using acrylic inks, creating delicate statement pieces. 

Artist shares: “Birds - they are constantly moving or flying which makes it difficult for us to fully observe and appreciate their magnificent forms. The aim of my work is to capture and preserve the movement of their powerful yet fragile structures and their plumage by drawing and illustrating them directly onto leather."


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Papercraft Animals by Ellen Giggenbach

I have always admired Ellen Giggenbach's work for its traditional European folk art inspired designs, cheerful colors and fun patterns. So naturally, I was thrilled when Ellen emailed me letting me know about her brand new book Papercraft Animals. The book features 20 different animal models including owls, birds, butterflies, elephant and more in her signature style.

The book comes with a page of general construction tips and techniques in the beginning to get you going plus there are instructions for each animal for you to create your owl little menagerie. You can order the book from here for yourself and to gift it to an avid crafter of paper in your life.