Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book with Beautiful Illustrations - Uilen Geluk

The other day I stumbled across these beautiful images from the book Uilen Geluk (The Lucky Owls) here. It's authored by Tine Hogervorst van Hoytema and the illustrations are by Theodorus van Hoytema, published in 1895 by C.M. van Gogh, Amsterdam. I don't understand any of it, but I REALLY like the illustrations. If you know Dutch and want to translate the text for us then send me an email or leave a comment. I'd love to know the story behind these images.

Melamine Plates by Helen Dardik

{owl, polar bear, bear, sun}

{cat, dog, fox, monkey}

This brand new range of melamine plates are designed by a well known Canadian illustrator Helen Dardik for PSikhouvanjou. The plates feature fabulous geometric animals, girl and sun designs in bright and bold colors. They are available in 10 different styles to mix and match. I love the owl and the sun. You?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Little Owl

I am in love with this little owl by Enna an artist from Hannover, Deutschland.

New Collection by Magpie - Birdy II

{Tea towels}

{Side plates}

{Nesting storage tins and cake tins.}

{Mugs in their coordinated boxes.}

{Glass tumblers}

Magpie's Birdy II is a new whimsical collection featuring beautiful illustrations of feathered friends - an owl, bullfinch, blackbird and long-tailed tit. The range includes ceramics, glassware, tea towels and accessories with the bird images in muted colors retaining the mid-century styling. They are fantastic for everyday use and make a wonderful gift to a bird lover.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cornelia O'Donovan

Cornelia O'Donovan is a screenprinter, painter and a collage artist presently living and working from London. She trained and graduated at Royal College of Art in 2006. Her work is inspired by folklore and literature, poetry, urban landscapes and superstition often depicting human figures and animals in a raw style. The colors palette consists of muted blues, greens and reds that compliments the narrative nature of her artwork.

"A narrative artist and prolific print maker Cornelia O’Donovan creates intriguing images built up using collage, pencil, paint and ink producing work using a remarkable unity of composition due to a skill in counterpoising moving and motionless figures which is counterbalanced by the absence of all perspective, the fondness for symmetry and lack of light and shade.

But something else really emerges the more it is seen – the energy and playfulness, the inventive theatre of imagination. Some marks have a very raw quality like a hastily drawn directions map, trying to find something, the marks hovering between description and abstract expressions.

Cornelia’s work references stories, myths and literature and focuses on personal reminiscence, the complexities of human relationships, emotion and memories." - via.

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