Friday, February 27, 2015

Owl Bookmark Tutorial

If you like to give and receive hand-made gifts then this is a great tutorial for you. This is a wonderful tutorial on how make an owl bookmark created by Emilie of Nem Graphisme. The website is in French, but the tutorial is easy and simple to understand alone with the help of images but you can always translate it with the help of Google translator. The tutorial comes with a template which can be downloaded and printed. Why not make a cute owl bookmark this weekend for yourself or for a bookworm you know :)

Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling!


Papercut Templates by April Summers Art

Emily Scard of April Summers Art is a paper cut artist based in England who hand cuts beautiful hand drawn or digitally designed templates. On her online store the templates are categorized as - personal and commercial. 

If you fancy to create your own paper cuts to sell then you can buy templates from commercial category and sell them on small scale. Carefully read the instructions given under the item's description you wish to buy. Presently, her online store has over 40 templates to choice including quotes, floral design, owls, birds and other animals.

Free Owl Party Printables

Ces is the author of the blog called One Charming Day where she has shared tons of creative and inspiring ideas for hosting kids parties, weddings, as well as stylish and chic printables that can be downloaded for free. The shown printable set includes invitations, label cards, cupcake toppers, thank you tags, water bottle labels and straw flags, perfect for a girl's birthday party. 

Feel free to download the printables for your next birthday party by following this link. But please remember these printables as for personal use only. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cut Feather Artwork by Chris Maynard

Chris Maynard from Washington uses scalpel, an eye surgery tool, to cut and to carve poetic works of art out of various bird feathers acquired from zoos and private aviaries. Each unique feather piece is moved and arranged in a shadow box that is handcrafted.

“Each feather, though dead and discarded, keeps something of the bird’s essence,” Maynard shares. Indeed, the colorful and sometimes humorous creations highlight the feather’s beauty but also encourages us to ponder the life of its previous owner. “Since I work mostly with shed feathers, some of the birds that grew them are likely still living.”  - via.

In his work, he often tries to use feathers of the same bird he is portraying for example swan feathers for a swan, peacock feathers for a peacock . He makes sure that the feathers retain their original colors, textures and shapes as they were on the bird.

"Owl for One and One for Owl" the shadow box at the top is inspired by Charlie Harper’s piece, "Owltercation" as well as Chris watching three crows chasing an owl out of the tall fir tree in his neighborhood. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Karl Martens: Watercolor Paintings

I recently discovered the gorgeous work of Karl Martens an artist from San Francisco. He paints his birds from memory using watercolors and charcoal on hand-made paper.

"I look at a bird and a specific expression or posture, which particularly expresses the personality of the bird, sticks in my mind. Then I paint..." 

Some of his paintings are available in form of limited edition prints for purchase at