Friday, April 18, 2014

Woodland Friends Easter Egg Hunt Kit by Waitrose

Waitrose Woodland friends Easter egg hunt kit comes with twenty delicious foiled chocolate eggs and 4 pop-out hunt markers with text such as "this way"(2), "ready, steady and go!" and "getting warmer". Make your easter egg hunt even more fun by inviting over the woodland creatures - Hop the frog, Ollie the owl, Spike the hedgehog and Izzy the owl. 

The easter egg kit is available exclusively at Waitrose stores as well as at Arkadia Foodstore. You can find the store near you by clicking through the respective links above.

DIY: Eggstremely Easy Way to Decorate Easter Eggs

This is a eggcelent and a super easy last minute tutorial that teaches you how to decorate easter eggs and turn them into your favorite creatures including - an owl, a toucan, a penguin and a peacock without any template or dyes. All you need is a few basic materials like: 
- four eggs
- craft paint and brushes
- card stock 
- sharpies
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- pencil
- small jars to hold eggs

For step by step instructions on creating each of the animals you can go to Brit + Co.

Easter Owl Cookies

Yesterday while browsing through so many amazing Easter related crafts and recipes shared by my fellow bloggers, I stumbled across this wonderful tutorial "Owl Egg Egg Owl" by Lucy Samuels who is a cookie designer and decorator. How adorable are these little guys! What I love the most about them is their cute egg shape and the use of soft colors with a hint of gold. Those tiny feet are killing me! You can find the entire tutorial and instructions at Cookie Connection.

Free Easter Printables

Easter egg craft printables in owl, rabbit and other fun characters from here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Koultoura Coffee Branding by FullFill

Koultoura is a pioneer stand-alone coffee shops in West Jakarta that partnered with the creative company Fullfill for branding of their product with the focus of capturing the cool crowd with one thing in common - their love for good coffee.

To appeal to the masses the quirky characters were designed for the brand, with each character representing the different personalities that go or might go to Koultoura. "We also have the imagination that these "inner animals" - the bear, owl, fox, and rabbit actually live within you, and as we see it, a cup of coffee brings them to life (pictured in the mural)." Which is your animal? Mine is of course the owl!

I think Fullfill has done a great job of capturing the attention of a wide audience who love a good cup o' joe and, fun and cool branding. Koultoura has a facebook page where they recently posted about their all time favorite animal cookies and more exciting updates like this one, here