Friday, February 18, 2011

Abi Monroe: Woodland Fairy

I stumbled across Abi Monroe's blog while searching for owl dolls and boy, was I taken by surprise! Abi is a doll maker who has just finished making this gorgeous Woodland Fairy doll with an owl mask for her owl lover client in Australia. Abi's inspiration behind the owl mask was none other than the owl paper mask by very talented Nikki Salk & Amy Flurry of Paper-cut-project that I had earlier shared here. I am honored and want to thank the very talented Abi for suggesting my blog to her readers :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Hazel Buchan

Hazel Buchan is a graphic designer and paper artist who is currently working at an ad agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. This stunning paper owl sculpture looks realistic and detailed down to the feathers which were individually illustrated before construction.

Hazel made the La Perla black feather mask and black Coffee dress with origami shrug which were featured in the Business Day "Wanted" magazine. Amazing, aren't they? She manages to create paper sculptures that are just perfect and don't even look like paper.

The Owl and The Woodpecker: Brian Wildsmith

The Owl and the Woodpecker was first published in 1971 by Franklin Watts, illustrated by Brian Wildsmith.

Brain is internationally acknowledged artist and illustrator whose work is a visual treat for both children and adults. Every page of this book is a magical journey to the world of sumptuous illustrations and brightly colored animals. Brian Wildsmith on his illustrations: ‘Picture books give an opportunity for a marriage between painting and illustrating . . . I believe that beautiful picture books of the right kind are vitally important in subconsciously forming a child’s appreciation, which will bear fruit in later life.’

The story is about two neighbors- the owl and the woodpecker, who dislike each other because of the noise issues and different sleeping schedules. The story has a happy ending when owl has a change of heart towards the woodpecker. This book won Brian the Kate Greenway Medal which is Britain's  highest honor for a children's picture book. Available here.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

3D Origami Owl Sculpture

Just the other day I came across this 3D origami owl sculpture made using recycled paper. How could I not share this "Granny Owl" who looks so sweet in her glasses! You can see more of artist's wonderful origami sculptures here.


Pannikin is label owned by Holly Leonardson, a Brisbane based illustrator. "Holly created her label through a desire to help people show off their playful side and revisit their childhood through wearable treasures and trinkets." Her store has wide range of kitschy products including screen printed tote bags, illustrated postcards and badges and fun jewellery pieces. Each and every product is adorned with Holly's cute illustrations like these postcards featuring designs that of girl, boy with headphones, girl in glasses and an owl.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Quiet Revolution

The Quiet Revloution is an online portfolio of  London based Illustrator Claire Scully. These gorgeous animal prints made with lines and delicate patterns are from her "Bejewelled" collection. Claire’s work "depicts the relationship between both herself and nature with her urban environment."

Hitachino Nest "The Owl" Beer

Hitachino Nest Beer aka "The Owl" beer is one of the top-selling beers in both Japan and US founded in 1996 by Kiuchi Brewery. This award winning beer is available in 10 different flavors and each well designed bottle features a unique red and white owl on the label and bottle cap. I am one of those gals who are not found of beer but I'll buy this one in a heart beat solely for it's lovely packaging.

Paper And Cloth

Paper and Cloth is surface pattern design studio who have recently launched a series of new greeting cards including the classic "The Owl And The Pussycat" for Nineteen Seventy Three. Apart from creating beautiful stationery, they made this animated film featuring work from the very talented artists of Paper and Cloth team.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson's new products feature unique hand-painted porcelain owl plate, screen printed cushions, illustrated cards (a pack of five cards includes oh deer, use my beard to keep you cosy, eskimo Girl, Wolfie and olive owl) and other wonderful products. To see more products and to make a purchase visit her online store.

Do You See Owls? - II

I see firm, strong owls with big wide eyes in these tea-light holders by Sanna Annukka.  Do you see owls too?

These limited edition solid oak Aurinko Tea-light Holders are screen printed in folklore patterns by Sanna Annuka, an illustrator and print maker. Available here.

Jill Stuart Fall 2011

Jill Stuart Fall 2011 show opened with a gorgeous owl print dress in gold, teal, navy and shades of orange and red. Jill's collection also included prints of her other favorite forest creatures like fox and wolf. "The whole thing had a very autumn-in-a-magic-forest vibe" where "foxy owls frolic in the forest" shares Fashionista.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy St Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's Day! In the spirit of the day, I have made this collection of wonderful vintage owl valentine's day card found across the web. Hugs!!

Printable 3D Valentine Card

This card is a great last minute project that you can make this valentine's day for your friends, children or loved ones. Download it here for free, print it and make it look 3D in just a few minutes.

Click on the following links for more easy and quick ideas you can create at the last minute!
- Polaroid valentine's day card
- Owl wrapping paper
- Owl valentine's day card

Georgia Dunn: Paper Dolls

Wow, these paper dolls by Georgia Dunn's are so cute. I love the vintage feel illustrations and use of bold colors. The animal doll series include Matilda the hedgehog, Hedwig the rabbit and Dorothy the owl. "Dorothy comes with two every day dresses, one fancy dress, an aviator outfit with scarf and goggles for those flights across the forest, and her little fox doll." Buy one or all the three forest forests here.