Friday, June 19, 2015

Gourd Art by Amy Callaway

Amy Callaway knew that she wanted to be an artist at the age of eight and at the age of nine she received her first award for a soap carving. After completing her B.F.A. degree in Art from Northern Illinois University she worked for many art-related jobs. She has a facebook page where she has be updating her followers about her exquisite drawings on gourds. Yes, gourds! She draws animals like owl, horse, butterfly, rooster, peacock and intricate patterns on gourds using pencil and acrylic paints. She also makes baskets out of gourds which will be perfect to use in kitchen or a craft room. Her artwork is inspired by her everyday life experiences and observations. 

If you would like see her work in person then visit the special event - Art Walk, Branson Arts Council in historic downtown Branson and Hollister on June 22 from 4-8 PM. 

DIY: Easy Corner Bookmarks

I love cute bookmarks! The other day my niece was asking for bookmarks for her reading time, with this tutorial I can now make her a bunch in no time. Red Ted Art made the monster bookmark to give as a gift on Father's day (great gift idea!) but when you see the tutorial you'll find out how easy it is to make anything out of these bookmarks. 

The origami corner bookmark tutorial requires only a basic paper folding skills and comes with a video which kids can watch to make their own bookmarks. They will enjoy decorating the bookmarks with the designs they want from owl, bear, monster and more, the possibilities are endless. To watch the tutorial go to Red Ted Art here.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Arts A Futter: 3D Papier Mache Birds

Catherine Wells creates these beautiful birds with papier mache and paper from recycled magazines. She painstakingly applies tiny torn pieces of paper 'feathers' individually to create the wonderful colors in the plumage of the birds. Catherine's inspiration for 3 dimensional birds come from the birds that she finds in abundance around the area where she lives in Lancashire, near the atmospheric Pendle Hill. She works from a studio in a converted water wheel weaving shed, Higherford Mill in Barrowford. 

She has an online store "Arts a Flutter" where she sells her birds framed in wooden boxes with a little wood and wire sign on top displaying the name of the bird showcased inside the box. The back and inside of the wooden frame is covered with varnished sheets of information about the bird which adds a great detail to the piece.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tamsin Abbott - Stained Glass Artist

Tamsin Abbott is a stained glass artist who lives in rural east Herefordshire with her husband and their two children. She completed a degree in English literature at Stirling University, Scotland specializing in medieval literature. Her love of the language and stories of medieval literature was enhanced by the fact that much of the research material she was reading was illustrated with paintings and simple woodcuts of the period. 

When she moved to Herefordshire, after leaving university, she studied at Gloucester College of Art and Technology where she discovered the work of the Brotherhood of Ruralists which became a great influence in her art.  In 1999, she began a class to learn stained glass at Hereford College of Art and Design and soon gained an Open College Network (OCN) in the craft.

Tamsin now makes these stunning pieces of stained glass from her studio in the Herefordshire countryside inspired by the orchards, the hills, the woods, the owls, the birds and other animals.

She says ” When I painted my first hare a few years ago I had no idea of the connection I was making and the relationship I was forming! So many people are drawn to the it and I am often asked why so much of my work is about them. I think it could be because the hare embodies all those aspects of nature that we want to believe in, that it is wild, clever, bold and free.  However, the hare has also long been associated with many myths and folklore, witchcraft and shape-shifters and in a way represents the female spirit of nature just as the green man represents the male energy of nature. I think that we all have a need or desire for a spiritual connection and yet we have become alienated from the major religions of the world and somehow the hare sparks something off in peoples’ minds.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plywood Animal Paintings by Fleur Benn

Fleur Benn is an artist from New Zealand whose art is dedicated to animals focusing on the idea ‘"what if all human existence ceased and animals continued to thrive in our environment without us."

Increasing human population and global warming has made animals struggle to find food, land and water and, made more than a million species extinct. All this has changed the entire eco-system and has disturbed the ocean life as well. Fleur through her art is trying to bring to the notice that we all have responsibility in taking care of our surroundings. Her artwork is inspired by this idea -  “What would happen to the world and its creatures without man? That he was left to see” (George R. Stewart, 1996). 

The animals in her paintings are made with photo-realistic pen and acrylic on recycled wood. If you look closely, "some might look frightened, some may look pained but they’re learning to be animals again, fending for themselves and living in an environment without humans - only their remnants." - via.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mirasa Design: Eco-Friendly Clothing and More



Washington based company Mirasa Design was started by Aashumi Shah an experienced textile designer. They specialize in eco-friendly, handmade clothing and accessories for infants and toddlers. "My Fun" is truly a fun collection featuring owl, elephant, hippo, frog, monkey, tiger and more in "intentionally unconventional "color scheme that goes beyond traditional blue and pink. The designs of the products are inspired by the colors of the Indian landscape incorporating traditional kantha and ari style embroidery encouraging visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation.

"From an early age, children learn about the world around them through all of their senses. Thus, My Fun products incorporate embroidery and quilting to enhance the sense of touch and textures and unconventional colors to stimulate visual learning. Because it doesn’t come with overwhelming lights and sounds, the child “directs” or guides himself during play." - They share on their website how their products are unique and valuable in nature.

The range offers toys, pillows, t-shirts, footsie, onesies, hoodies and wrist bands, blankets danglers and more! To see all the merchandise from the range go to Mirasa Design's website.