Friday, February 19, 2016

Stunning Mosaics by Susan Turlington

Susan Turlington is a self-taught mosaic artist who has been creating spectacular mosaic art forms for over 15 years. She is always introducing new techniques and materials in her work to achieve more accuracy. Her owls, animals, birds and other nature inspired pieces show great attention to detail and her labor of love. Her work employs several applications of glass mosaics, slumping, molding, fusing, painting, and stacking that gives her work a three-dimensional effect. The use of bright colors makes her mosaics cheerful and a real delight.


You can see more of her amazing work on flickr. If you have an idea for a piece you would like Susan to create for you then you can get in touch with her by sending her a flickr mail. She'll love to hear from you!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Birthday Cards by Pamela Zagarenski

Pamela Zagarenski is a painter, children's book author and illustrator, and owner of the greeting card company Sacredbee. Her work is full of colorful textures and magical  in style. The shown birthday cards are hand-picked to introduce you to her wonderful work. Do visit her website which is a treasure trove for those of us who appreciate and love whimsical art. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Needle Felted Bird Brooches

Tania from Ukraine creates these lovely needle felted brooches from natural merino wool. She has made all kinds of birds and owls that can be worn on dress, t-shirt, jacket or even on your handbag. These bright creatures will make a nice eye-catching accessory any day!

She also crafts felted flowers, berries and characters from Alice in the Wonderland. You can visit her online store where she currently has more than fifty brooches.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

10 Amazing Owl Tattoo Artworks

Artist unknown, image via.

Artist unknown, image via.

Image via.

Hello, friends! Today's post features some of the most awesome tattoo designs that I found and couldn't resist sharing here. When I was young, getting tattoos was not something where the youth of India liked to spent their hard earned money. It was mostly seen on people from villages and rural areas. The designs were mainly limited to spouse's name, father's name or religious symbols. The reasons of getting tattoo was not the love for the art but 'labeling'. A small child got a tattoo of his father's name because it's a family tradition and in case the kid's goes missing the villagers could spot the tattoo with the family name on the lost kid's arm and safely take the kid home. Now things are changing, people are getting interested in the art but many still don't know why they want one except it's a trend.

Permanence of tattoo makes it important to think what kind of design do you want, why and where do you want it. I never indulged myself in tattooing but I understand that these are the starting questions for someone who is thinking of getting one. I have always been intrigued by the beauty, intricacy and colors in tattoo designs. So, because tattoos have been on my mind lately I complied the list of few of the gorgeous owl tattoo designs. I love the owl stamp design on the top. How real does it look! Do you have any tattoos? What do they mean to you?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Stunning Paper Artwork by Morgana Wallace

Canadian artist and illustrator Morgana Wallace creates fantastic paper cut collages inspired by Egyptian and Greek mythology that often captivated her when she was a child. "She claims that she often pretends that the characters displayed in her art are apart of her own mythological tales" via.

Each of the artwork is made from multiple layers of cut paper with texture and other details added in watercolor and gauche. Her complex and engaging work often feature mythical characters to mythical creatures together creating an imaginative world. 

Morgana Wallace is represented by Madrona Gallery British Columbia. She has an artist's page where you can view more of her paper cut collages. Her work is available as prints in different sizes on Deviant Art.