Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Beautiful Functional Ceramic Pieces by Three Wheel Studio

Dwo Wen Chen was born in a small farming village in the southern part of Taiwan. He grew up in the family where his inner artist was encouraged to create and explore. His formal education was in oil painting but it was the medium clay that resonated with him the most.

"For an ever-curious artist such as myself, it suits me perfectly! Using my hands and clay, I can transform any exterior inspiration or my own imagination into physical objects."

His one-of-a-kind ceramics are often decorated with birds, berries, and floral designs. These designs are hand-painted by the artist himself with lead free glaze which makes these pieces food safe. The adorable owls and birds are painted in stunning bright colors that pop against the beige backdrop. The pieces are a perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality, complementing one's collection of everyday use objects. You can find trays, cups, mugs, tumblers, platters, bowls, and vases in his online store - Three Wheel Studio.