Friday, June 20, 2014

Today's Find: Vintage Classics Owl Tea for One & Owl Tea Caddy

I just stumbled across this very sweet owl tea for one & owl tea caddy by Twinings from their Vintage Classics collection. I searched their website to check if it's available but no luck. However, a quick google search led me to amazon and ebay listings where the set is available for purchase if  you wish to add it to your collection or gift it to a collector of cute things.

Whimsical Cards by Mister Peebles

London based artist Mister Peebles makes greetings cards and prints from original watercolor pencil drawings featuring animals dressed like humans with playful personalities. 

His animals are often paired with witty one liners such as the squirrel who says: "I'm nuts about you" and the hen saying: "Jimi Hen Drix". This creative play on words add a fun element to his cards making his work whimsical and unique in style. From his website: "He hopes to make you smile and cheer your day a little. The average person chuckles less than 20 times a day, Mister Peebles hopes to up this average a wee bit."

To learn more about him and his work, you can read this wonderful interview given by him to E-junkie.

Free Summer Printables

Download, print and frame these adorable owl summer printables to easily update your home decor without spending too much money. There are four summer themed printables with texts like "Fun in the Sun", "Happy Summer", "Hello Summer" and "Ride the Wave". Frame them to decor any room in the house or use them for scrapbooking, card making or any other craft that you can think of. To download the owl summer printables go here.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bags for Moms by Pink Lining

Have you been looking for a changing bag that's both stylish as well as functional? Pink Lining is a UK brand founded in 2001 by a husband and wife team, Rufus and Charlotte Pearl. They offer a huge range of changing bags in seven different styles that come in several patterns and colors, all highlighted by the beautiful pink lining.

Along with bags, they also carry accessories like wallets, smart phone cases, changing mats and bottle holders. You can view all their products and order them online from here.

Animal Series Paper Dolls

Linda is the author of the blog called "The Paper Collector" which is a treasure trove of paper dolls, vintage ephemera and advertisements. I adore the illustrations of the Animal Series of Paper Dolls, cerca 1890s featuring an owl, a pig and other animals dressed as human beings. 

From her blog: "Here's Mark Woodcock on these fabulous animal paper dolls: Here are a few uncut advertising paper dolls. They're 4.5"x7". Four of them are stamped on the back "U.S. Standard Baking Powder" and one "Flag Coffee." They're not numbered so I don't know how many were in the series. I'd be curious to hear if anyone has others. For people who collect animal paper dolls, these are amazing."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Owl Scarf

Shovava is a nature inspired clothing line started by Roza Khamitova an artist originally from Kazakhstan currently living in Melbourne. I am in love with this stunning owl scarf  featuring detailed hand drawn and painted owl in watercolor in earthy shades of browns, creams with hints of yellow and blue. The scarf comes in two material options which you can choose while ordering. 

Google Street Art Project: Repository of Graffiti and Murals

Google's Cultural Institute launched their Street Art Project to document street art from giant graffiti to small stenciled murals before they disappear forever! The art project is an ongoing collection of art from the street which was launched with 5,000 high-resolution images which are searchable by artist and location on an interactive map. The images captured by Google Street view cameras and submissions by cultural institutions and artists from all over the globe. 

Google Cultural Institute’s director Amit Sood says the goal of the project is to turn the world into “one huge open-air gallery for everyone to enjoy.”

Above images by Binho Ribeiro

Museo a Cielo Abierto en San Miguel by Desconocido

Above images by Martin Ron

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mathilde Nivet: Paper Designer

Little owl for the opening of the Louis Vuitton Cabinet d'écriture, in Saint Germain des prés.

September exhibition in November 2008 at the gallery of the Théâtre de Vanves.

Piece of art inspired by the Jules & Jim Hotel

Dream City display for Servane Gaxotte

Mathilde Nivet is a French paper artist who has been designing stunning sets and elaborate window displays created from a decoupage of printed, cut out and carefully assembled found pieces of paper. Her each piece is constructed with so much intricacy and detailed patterns that you can a spend whole day looking at it. You can visit her website to view more of her amazing work.

Printable Irritable Owls

Good morning, friends! I have a fun printable for all of you who enjoy paper crafts. You can download your own "irritable owls" template from a blog called Chemical 9 to quickly make a paper toy owl. Bryan C. Ratliff is the author of the blog and the creator of many such wonderful paper toys. Each print out sheet will give you four different colored owl templates, so make as many as you want. Simply grab a blade, scissors, glue and the template to get going. These are perfect to give to a friend who loves owls and for Halloween decorations.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Sound of Clocks

The Sound of Clocks (Tik Tok, Bunyi Jam in Persian) is a lovely pictures book for children written by Akram Ghasempour and illustrated by Parisa Shahandeh. I am afraid, the book is not written in English but the illustrations are simply delightful and deserve to be featured and shared with you all here. The book features owls, birds in bright and textured colors in a unique style.

The entire book can be viewed at Children's Here's a little summary from the site about the book : "The big clock hand is always busy doing his own job and pays no attention to the little hand. One night he sees in his dream that the wind has taken the little hand away and he is left all alone on the surface of the clock. Terrified by loneliness, he offers his friendship to the little clock hand and then they spend their time happily until one day the wind wants to take the little hand away. The two hands join efforts to confront the wind and finally manage to make it flee."