Friday, May 27, 2011

Susie Wright

Susie Wright aka Suzy and the owls is a printmaker and illustrator working between Edinburgh and London. She creates images that combine drawing, photography, screenprinting, often inspired by her love for animals and Scottish highlands. The reappering subject matters in work are owls, scotland, landscapes, plants, animals and birds and architecture.

"The owl comes from round about the time I went to Paris. My friend and I were looking for some new french words to use on our trip and we came across the word ‘chouette’ which my school french vocabulary book said meant ‘cool’.  we later found out it also meant ‘owl’, which we found pretty amusing and so the owl kind of became the fist reoccurring element within my work."

She has an upcoming exhibition at Art Work Space art gallery in London on May 23rd through June 24th. For more information go to here.

Have a great long weekend!

A Surprise from London


My new owl! I received this wonderful print from Phoebe last week. She sent me a very sweet email introducing me herself as a fellow owl lover and sent me her print as a surprise. Thank you, Phoebe. You are awesome!

Phoebe told me that this print is based on the characters of the movie - "The Odd Couple", which I had never heard of until then. Do you know the movie? Anyway, I adore this "odd couple" and if you do too then you can get your own "Jack and Walter" print from her online store.

{image: my owl barn}

Sparrowkids Owl Cushion



This Sparrowkids' sew your own owl cushion kit is from their new range of "Sparrowkids Make At Home" cushion sewing kits. The kit contains cut out owl shape, leaves and flowers with pre-punched holes, black milled wool background, envelope back, a needle and embroidery threads - everything you need to make a cushion cover. The clear layout instructions make it easy to put together and a great introduction to sewing for children without using a sewing machine.

Friday Freebie: Wallpaper + Printable


Get this wallpaper and the note sheet with the adorable owl illustration by clicking here, by Aimee.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DIY: Owl Mobile






I love this adorable DIY mobile I spotted over at Moth and Sparrow. It looks so cute in Calder's room. But I think it will also look great in a grown ups room or near your kitchen window.

The best part about this mobile is that it is easy to make and you need only 5 of the following things.
- a branch
- polymer clay in a few colors
- wire
- fishing line
- needle nose pliers

Go here for the instructions.

Ryan Moore and The 100 Owls




My friend recently moved to Texas and he sent me some information of our interest. Did you know that The Rice University has a baseball team known as Owls aka Rice Owls and their mascot is Sammy the owl? But that's not this post is about. The post is about Ryan Moore and his army of Lego owls.

Ryan Moore is a manager of networking at the university and a Lego enthusiast who is building block by block an entire of Sammys for Rice's Centennial. So cool! I must visit my friend in October that's when the Centennial celebration is and of course, I'll have a chance to see the entire collection of owls.

These owls are not for sale, Ryan shares: "I've really resisted any and all suggestions to attach a price to this point, they're gifts or nothing at all. I have a job!"

This video shows his owls in action. Each owl is approx. four-inch tall who can flaps his wings and rotate his heads 360 degrees when a knob on the backs is twisted.

By watching this video you can get a glimpse at the process on how these Lego owls were built by Ryan by strategically placing one Lego at a time.



Anniina Isokangas is a Finnish designer and the owner of a brand called Paapii Design. She creates soft toys, pouches, coasters, totes and bedding that are hand-printed in vibrant colors and designs. I found tons of cute stuff with Pöllöjä (which means owl in Finnish) print on them and hand-picked some to share here. To view more of her lovely creations go to her website and you can also follow her blog for updates on new products.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Owl Pops



Yummy! These owl pops are perfect for Halloween, an owl themed birthday party, baby shower or just as a fun treat for any other occasion. For the complete recipe hop on over to Jill's blog.

Embroidered Owl Cushions




How sweet are these owl cushions! The brown one was made by Noriko for her new born baby to match her daughter's Tina's owl cushion. I love the beautiful embroidery for feather-like detail and the delicate design in the back.


Jackie Huang is a 3D story artist who brings his characters to life through the art of needle felting combining it with his strong desire to create something magical.

WoolBuddy was started in 2009 and in just two years, a collection of over 300 one-of-a-kind characters of colorful animals, vibrant sea creatures, friendly and lovable monsters was born. Visit his store to view his one-of-a-kind creatures such as frog, zebra, pig, elephant and owl. You can buy the already made "blue eye owl" or the kit, if you are feeling ambitious!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Clare Shields




Clare Shields is a surface designer and digital/traditional illustrator based in London. The primary subject matter in her work is birds and owls which she first creates from ink and pencil then colors them digitally with vibrant pattern and colors.





Her work has won her People's Choice award and publications in International Textiles magazine. Visit her store for limited edition prints which are available in alternate sizes.

Coffee Owls


These cute handmade coffee owls by Christine Clemmensen are definitely a must have for a coffee and owl lover , like me ;) It's made to fit the Bodum coffee maker, similar to this one. I use an espresso maker for my coffee, but heck I'll buy Bodum just for the "coffee owl". It's so amazing! Available in four lovely colors. 

Do You See Owls? - III

I love doilies! I never find them old- fashioned. If anything they are elegant and classy, like these printed heart shaped doilies on the pillow. I like them even more when they look like owls :) Don't these look like owls to you too?

Nadia Sparham

This adorable "Wol baby set" by Nadia Sparham includes bone china bowl, plate and cup that can be purchased as a set or individually. This owl baby set is available in two colors -white and yellow, and makes a great baby shower gift.

{available here and here}

Monday, May 23, 2011

Art With Office Labels: Alison Foshee



I have no words to explain how excited I am to have found Alison Foshee's amazing work. What's unique about her amazing work is that she uses office labels, seals, stickers, and push pins (like for this one) to make these collages. Alison uses everyday plain white labels to make birds and feathers of owl.  Her creativity is so inspiring and motivating. It's pretty amazing what some people can do with something as mundane and simple as office labels. Brilliant!


Mari Simmulson



While browsing through Flickr, I discovered these stunning owls by Mari Simmulson a Swedish designer for Upsala-Ekeby. Simmulson was a sculptor and a potter originally from Estonia who later moved to Sweden to join Upsala-Ekebya. She became a lead designer at Upsala-Ekebya and designed vast variety of pottery which often included flowers, faces, animals and owls. Her pieces are rare and sought after by collectors.


The Storybook Rabbit: Wooden Brooches

Have you seen these new brooches by The Storybook Rabbit? Each of these cute little brooches are made from laser cut wood and holds a print of the original illustrations. The baby owl brooch measures 5.5cm x 5cm and will look awesome on your favorite jacket.

Owl Hand-Painted Chair

A gorgeous owl hand painted chair by Picka Bel for "Todo sienta por los ojos" exhibition. I like that when the chair is folded the owl seems to be in a standing posture. I wonder how would the owl feel about you taking a seat on the eggs?