Friday, May 3, 2013

Philippe Baudelocque: Chalk Art

I'll leave you this week with the incredible artwork by Philippe Baudelocque an artist and muralist based in Paris. He draws menagerie of animals aka 'Cosmic Animals' with intricate patterns and complex designs using only chalk as his medium. 

Watch him drawing cosmic dragon in the following video. Amazing!

Have a lovely weekend. See you back on Monday!


DIY: Kate Spade Owl Purse

Create your own Kate Spade inspired owl purse with this amazing tutorial from Stacie of Stars For Streetlights. This bag sold for over $400 and is now no longer available online. You can create this beauty for a fraction of the cost of the designer bag. 

This project demands ample of patience and the following things:
-Grommet puncher
-Beads or buttons for eyes
-Paper towels to make templates of wings
-Spray paint

For the entire tutorial and step by step instructions go here.

Freebie: Owl Bookmarks

Here are some wonderful owl bookmarks for you and your family to use. Download them for free from here, print, cut and enjoy!

Begin the download by clicking on the 'Download file' on the right side on the page.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Exquisite Cups by Shlos

Exquisite Cups are a range of stackable ceramic cups by Chloe Lee Carson of Shlos. The cups originally come in three unique sets - 'Folk', 'City' and 'Wild' featuring animals, owls and humans that stack up to form the complete images. Once stacked, you can create your own hybrid creatures by simply turning them around. I completely dig the idea! Do you?

For any product related inquiries you contact Chloe through her website and follow her on Facebook for updates.

Zelda Cave Jewelry

Zelda Cave is a jewelery designer based in London who crafts unique, elegant jewelry pieces influenced by Eastern art and ornament. The gorgeous (shown above) hand crafted owl ring is from her 'In The Woods' collection. Love the birds earrings!

Colby and Friends: Mid Century Paintings

Mid Century inspired paintings by Dominic Bourbeau an artist from Minneapolis. Owls, birds, cats are the main subject in his work which "take life in the limits of a circle, crisp, straight lines, bold colors, and simple shapes".

The prints are sold in sets or can be purchased individually from his store online - 'Colby and Friends'. Don't forget to take a peek at his original  paintings starting at only $35!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cut-Away Leaf Artwork by Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Duran Silva is an artist from Guadalajara, Spain who creates these incredible sculptures out of fallen leaves. Inspiration can come from anywhere and for Silva it came from a caterpillar, he shares: "I was inspired by a caterpillar and how it was eating a leaf and I thought, "What if I try to cut out drawings on a leaf?".

He collects leaves from his garden, washes, dries and presses them before he starts to sketch out patterns on each one. The intricate designs gradually appear as Silva gently cuts away the leaves using a sharp knife. His pieces can take anywhere from a week to two months to complete and sold for £2,400 ($3,725).

Silva worked with SoaƧao Sa Acao Solidarity Movement creating beautiful cut-away leaves artwork for the 'Much More Than Trees' campaign.  

Soft Gallery: Bedding + Cushions and more

New products from Soft Gallery 2013 catalogue include gorgeous owl print bedding set, cushions, owl embroidered dress and more. Their products can also be found here, they ship internationally.

May Desktop Calendar and iPhone Wallpaper

Happy May to all of you! This month's free desktop calendar and iPhone wallpaper is by Flora of Happy Doodle Land

Desktop calendar:

Simply click on the size you want then download the image from Google docs by clicking on the downloadarrow on the top left corner, save and set it as your background.

Would you like to print it as a calendar? You can also download and print this artwork from our Owl Lover 2013 Calendar by selecting it as this month's calendar. Go here to download.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Collection: Owl Bento

Wraps by Hide & Seek

Assortments of gorgeous baby wraps by Hide & Seek.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu

French artist Thomas Lamadieu creates whimsical figures and line drawings making use of the gaps between city buildings with sky in the backdrop. 

“My artistic aim is to show a different perception of urban architecture and the everyday environment around us, what we can construct with a boundless imagination”- Thomas.