Thursday, June 6, 2019

Realistic Wool Felt Animal Sculptures by Japanese Artist Terumi Ohta

Terumi Ohta is a self-taught artist who has been needle felting since 2012. Her work is primarily inspired by wildlife and constructed mainly with wool. She pays great deal of attention to mixing various colors of wool in her pieces to create realistic texture of the skin, fur, scales, nails and claws. The artist hand-makes teeth and nose with clay to make them as realistic as possible. 

She has exhibited her work at several art exhibitions and fairs in Tokyo, Osaka, Wales, London, Paris and New York. She created her brand “True Style Lab” under which she sells her sculptures.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Light Stories Night Lamps Narrate 3 Dimensional Tales




Light Stories is a brand based in Russia that offers night lights that are hand-made in birch wood and hand-painted by experienced artists. Each piece narrates a story through shadow, light and wood layered creating a three dimensional scene. The collection of lamps is available in several designs including owls, landscapes, fictional characters, superheroes, and more that are perfect for both kids and grown-up rooms. The whimsical lamps create a cozy atmosphere without disturbing the sleep.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Reclaimed Wooden Pieces and Metal Scraps Turned Into Stunning Sculptures

Great Horned Owl

Grizzly Bear


Eagle II





Friesian Horse


Jason Waldon has an over 18 years of experience as a sculptor. He creates wall hanging assemblage sculptures using reclaimed materials found around his home in Central Oregon. To create these truly amazing sculptures he collects weathered and worn wooden scraps and metal from repurpose yards and scrapyards. His sculptures are large-scale, for example Great Horned Owl is approximately 5ft. 6in. wide by 4ft. 4in. tall by 3ft. deep.

"I assemble them like words on a page, communicating that like these materials we are all being shaped through the elements of life and as God unites our weathered and broken selves in true love, we become His masterpiece."

He is exhibiting at the 50th Annual Kimball Arts Festival from August 2nd through 4th at the Historic Main Street in Park City, Utah. For more information on the event, go here.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Miniature Bird and Animal Sculptures by Katie Doka


Katie Doka is an artist based in Copenhagen who has been making miniature animal figures for 8 years. Each of the animal is hand-sculpted with polymer clays, oil paint, acrylic paint, wire, glass or resin eyes, natural fibers and feathers. Her birds are labor of love and take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on the level of complexity.

You can see her sculptures she has made in the past on Instagram and find what's available in her online store.