Friday, January 26, 2018

Lovables: Hand-Sewn Adorable Characters

Lovables is a cute little store on Etsy that offers a collection of handsewn plushies. The artist feels happy when crafting and hopes that the same positivity to be passed onto the recipient through these Lovables. The monkey, alpaca, narwhal, alligator, sloth, cactus, bigfoot and owl with tiny embroidered heart will make a great gift to your valentine.

To see more plush toys, brooches, keychains and ornaments go here.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Altered Books by Alexi Francis



Alexi Francis is an artist based out of UK who creates beautiful altered books. To create an altered book she starts with a secondhand book that she found at a charity shop as her canvas. Her work is generally inspired by nature, with forest scenes and woodland animals being a recurring theme. The hand-cut and hand-drawn leaves, trees, roots and animals are added to the pages of the book layer by layer creating a three dimensional artwork.

To see more pages from her altered book you can go to her blog and her online store Reflections by Alexi.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Talkingloves Will Melt Your Heart



These gloves in fun designs by Talkingloves will make a cute gift for your partner or a friend this Valentine. The handcrafted gloves are made of wool blend to ensure comfort and warmth during cold months of the year. The hidden appliqued designs show as hands cup together. Each pair has a story that becomes visible when both the hands are put side by side. You can find lot of more products including gloves, beanies and scarves online.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cute, Quirky Valentine's Day Cards

I am not a big fan of the holiday but I love seeing all the funny, quirky and sweet sentimental cards artists design for the occasion. Sloan Fisher is an artist and a graphic designer from Portland who designed some really punny cards that you will love to give to your partner. Each card has an illustration by the artist and a cut out around it that creates a three dimensional effect. You can find more designs in her online store - Shoji Note.

Templates And Kits to Make Animal Heads by Tristan Sopp

Resident was founded by Tristan Sopp in 2015 that offers diy kits to make your own 3D animal head in the comfort of your home. The artist calls his creature sculpture a "Resident". He says "sculpture has so much personality, it's like you have someone else moving into your home with you - hence our name, Resident." Every sculpture has a name and personality- Fiona the Sabre-Tooth Tiger likes to be in charge, Beverly the Rhino is a great conversationalist, James the Owl is an old school who rides his bike.

Every kit comes with pre-cut pieces, glue and an instruction guide. If you can't wait to bring one of these guys home then you can print the template of your favorite animal from here.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Inspirational Sketchbook Paintings by Jennifer Orkin Lewis


Jennifer Orkin Lewis also known as August Wren is an illustrator and an artist who has been passionate about art since she was only 12 years old. For over four years, she has been working on an ongoing project painting once a day in her sketchbook. She gets inspired by her surroundings and translates it into beautiful art. 

She paints primarily in gouache and watercolor sometimes includes ink, pencil and the marker. Her work is filled with bright colors, lot of small details and lovely patterns. She has worked with Anthropologie, Chronicle Books, Design House Greetings, Flow Magazine, Kate Spade, Seal Press and more. Her work can be an inspiration for us encouraging to draw something, anything everyday. 

You can view more of her work on Instagram and in her online store.