Friday, September 4, 2020

Illustrative ABC by Gareth Lucas In His Signature Style

I have featured talented Gareth Lucas and his quirky illustrations on the blog before a couple of times. I am a fan of his work, I don't know how I missed his alphabet series featuring an animal for a letter. He worked on the series a while ago but this is so good to not share with you all. Gareth combined his love for typography and animals to illustrate a collection of A to Z alphabets. Each alphabet depicts an animal in Gareth's bold and quirky signature style.

You can learn about his current project and view more of his creations he worked on in the past on Instagram.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Porcelain Jewelry and Trinket Dishes With 3D Creatures by Bonsai Mountains

Sarah is a ceramic artist from UK. She creates lovely porcelain necklaces, trinket dishes, and figurines in bright colors and accents of 24 carat gold luster. She finds inspiration for her work in nature especially British birds. Her hand-sculpted ceramics incorporate 3D animal figurines that make her everyday pieces fun. Each ceramic piece is one-of-a-kind and hand-made in her studio in rural Worcestershire. You can find her unique creations in her online store - Bonsai Mountains.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Animal Paintings Brought To Life With Abstract Watercolor Washes

Valerie de Rozarieux is a self-taught artist based in Derbyshire, UK. She has always been a nature lover and have enjoyed drawing ever since she was a little girl. Out of her love for colors, she has explored different media over the years including sewing, and jewelry making. When Valerie's three kids grew up, she decided to pick up her passion for watercolors. 

Her work has animals as the primary subject matter painted against abstract background. The fluidity of watercolors adds organic feel and texture to her work providing a perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty of animals.

"As to my process, I generally put down a light ink outline and then apply a loose wash, by splashing paint on and applying lots of water, reacting to what happens on the paper. Once this is thoroughly dry, I apply more paint to build upon the image. Aesthetically, I find that I like to see quite a lot of white paper and not cover it all with a wash" - via.

You can find her limited edition art prints in her online store - Vmderozart.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Small Animal Figurines Nestled In Everyday Ceramic Pieces

Brooke Hoerner Knippa is a ceramic artist born on the Front Range of Colorado, presently living and working from Maine. When Brooke began to work at her dad’s restaurant, on her way back home from work she would fill her pockets with found objects which would eventually be incorporated into her art.

It was in 2013 when Brooke started her business named AP Curiosities that gave her an outlet to share her creations. From the mountains of Colorado to the coast of Maine, this artist finds inspiration in the world she is surrounded with. “I get really excited about trying to mimic and take some of that beauty from Mother Nature, but take it in a much more whimsical form into my pottery".

She creates whimsical and functional pieces including vases, planters, cups, bowls and containers with a small animal figurines that are either perched or nestled in an hollow of ceramic pieces. Each piece is unique - hand-thrown, hand-sculpted, pinched, and coiled before they are fired in a kiln.

You can follow her on Instagram to learn about her latest work. To purchase her available pieces, you can visit her online store -  AP Curiosities.