Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Weekend + Tea Party

How was your week? Were you able to finish what you started or had planned for the week? I hope you had fun here with me because I had a great time with you all. What are your plans for the weekend? I am off to a tea party with my girlfriends. Yay! We all have lots of chat about the major or not so major events in our lives the past week. I wish you a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back on Monday!
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(print by tabitha)

{Orange Cupcake Owlies}

These photographs are from Brody's 2nd birthday party. Lyndsay of Coco Cake, who is Brody's aunt, made this adorable cake and cupcakes for her nephew. Isn't your mouth watering just looking at them? Mine is! I bet the cake and the cupcakes taste heavenly and just as yummy as they look in the above pictures. Want a taste? Yes, you can! Coco Cake will be hawking their cupcakes at BLIM art market, Vancouver on March 28th, pre-ordering of tasting box ends today.

Friday Freebie!

This week's freebie are these darling note cards by Larissa. Yoo-hoo!
Download them here.

p.s. I post freebies on Fridays, only if I have found one. If you have an owl themed freebie which you'd like me to share here, please feel free to email me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emma Cook: Dress

This dress makes me happy!

Easter Owl

This easter people at Rock Scissor Paper are shaking things up a little. They have swapped easter bunny with owl and to celebrate the new christened Easter Owl they have introduced a new range of these limited edition mugs. These are available in three lovely colors - lilac, pink and green. Oh, and you get candy with each mug! Isn't this the sweet-est deal ever?!
I am curious, would you swap bunny with owl? Or any other creature?

{Thanks Jennifer}

Vincent & Tamara Richel

I was contacted by Justin Richel whose art work was featured on the blog here. I am grateful to him for sending links of his parents' work, who are both amazing artists. Vincent, his dad, creates sculptures using driftwood. His every piece is unique and is crafted with wood which has been weathered and shaped by nature. Vincent about his work "My sculptures pay homage to the cycle of life, and become a reflection of nature and it’s intrinsic beauty."

Justin's mother, Tamara is a painter and a photographer. Her work is inspired by her surroundings and nature. She comes from family where she had an artistic influence of her mother and sister, and now her work is an inspiration for many of us. She is expanding in the art world and currently working on jewelry making. See more of her work. I couldn't resist saying - A trio of geniuses and owl lovers!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


...this colorful apron adorned with chocolate flaps.

Happy Doodle Land

Flora of Happy Doodle Land has added this new print 'Black Owl' in her store. See more of her fun and creative doodles here.

Topshop: Clips

I saw these owl button clips at Topshop online store. Aren't these adorable? Love the owl's yellow bow style headband!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lovely Things

A lovely Wedgewood china collection featuring woodland creatures is designed by Will Broome. The fine china range consists of plates, bowls, saucer, teapot, jug and cups.

{Offbeat Bride}

While browsing through Flickr, I came across this photo. Denise, the bride in the photo, is a falconer and by no means an ordinary bride. But, she sure looks beautiful and so does her owl - Puck.

French Burlap Pillow

I came upon this screen printed pillow and feel in love. At times I feel that I am obsessed with everything burlap! I love the organic texture and the vintage appeal of the fabric. This pillow with a large owl print is just enough to add lots of character and a touch of whimsy to a room.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tamar Mogendorff

A New York based creative artist Tamar Mogendorff's products are delightful treat for the eyes. She incorporates all kinds of fabrics like linens, wool, cotton,vintage fabrics, tweed, antique embroidery and pashmina in making these toy animals. I'd love to own each of these sweeties!

Happy Monday + Coffee With My Owl

Good morning! How was your weekend? I hope you had a good one. It's the first Monday of the Spring and I welcome you all to a brand new season of My Owl Barn with this playful print by Helen Dardik. This print has two of my favorites - coffee and owl!!