Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today, I was at Barnes and Nobles to get some books for the weekend. I could not stop myself from going to the magazine section, and I am glad I did. If you have been to Barnes and Nobles, then you know what I mean. Their magazine section is huge, and you'll find some amazing magazines adorned with mouth-watering covers. Apart from finding what I was looking for, I found two Halloween special edition magazines which had so many things that I want to share with you.

I am going to post about one magazine today, Halloween Celebrations , and about the other later (promise, soon). The above spread shows some of the work of Lisa Berberette, who is also known as The Pumpkin Lady. If you are a big fan of Halloween(who isn't?), the chances are you already know her. Yes, she is the same Lisa who appeared on Oprah Winfrey' show. In this issue, she shares some of her pumpkin carving patterns with directions and talks about helpful tools required for the task. She has a lot of free patterns on her website which you are welcome to use. I have put a button in the side bar for free Halloween patterns which also directs you to her website. So if you lose this post, no worries, you can always click on the button to get to her website for a pattern.

Moving on, this was the first page I saw on opening the magazine and I knew I had to show you this. I simply love the tree, the owl and the little mouse which seems to have strayed off in a dangerous territory. You can find the how-to instructions for the decoration in the magazine and create one by yourself.

This is the center spread which made me so happy. The mantle looks absolutely stunning with so many different type of owls, pumpkins and dried branches. Click the picture to see it closely.
If you are a knitter, then this issue is certainly for you. It's full of knitting ideas including the directions and templates on Pom-Pom Owl (shown in the right image above), Pom-Pom Pumpkins and Knitted Owl (shown in the left image below).
If you like to work with paper, then you can make these beautiful, spectacular lanterns with easy to follow instructions in the magazine.

And finally, a treat for all of you who love to bake. Yes, there are Owl Cookies recipe for the holidays!

Rush to Barnes and Nobles in your area or download the entire issue now from their website for only $4.99.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Owl Prints by Olive Dear

I have been an admirer of Linda Kruger's work for quite some time now. Today, I wanted to introduce you to her beautiful art pieces. The second picture features the collection of some of the most popular prints of Linda. My favorite one has been the 'masked owl'. You can visit her website at Olive Dear to see more of her work.

Get Ready For Halloween!

Halloween Icon Favor Bags by Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart Halloween Glitter Wine Labels available at Grandin Road.

Halloween Lace Wall Panels and Feathered Halloween Owls by Grandin Road.

Wall decal by Colonial candle.

Crescent Witch Moon Ornaments by The Holiday Barn.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Owl Cupcakes

When I saw these adorable cupcakes on Real Simple website, I was prepared to find at least half a page long instructions to make these. But to my surprise, I discovered it was barely 4 lines. Hard to believe, isn't it? Check for yourself and get inspired to make something this sweet.

Owl Fabric - Halloween special!

I guess I am not too late with this post on owl fabrics. Hopefully, you'll find these useful for your Halloween projects. Available at Fabric Tales for $12.80 a yard. I'd love to know how will you use these. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Incredible Owls

Omg!!! My first exact words on seeing these adorable felted owls by Lauren Alane. You can clearly see how much love and dedication she has put into creating each owl. I have never seen anything this beautiful created with felt before. You can see her gallery at Flickr or contact her through her website. She also makes cake toppers!!!

Unusual Folk Art by Johanna Parker

Johanna Parker is a well known artist among collectors across the nation. Her speciality is one of a kind Halloween sculptures. She hand crafts and hand paints every piece, and often gives them names. She adorns each sculpture with illustrated conical hats for a signature look! She also enjoys working on holiday themes other than Halloween. I've selected some of the owl Halloween creations from her huge collection. Visit her site to see more of her work or to buy a collectible.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Owl Treat Boxes by Martha Stewart

It's a hard decision to choose between the Standing Owl Treat Boxes and the Hanging Owl Treat Boxes. Both are cute. They are similar in a way, yet so different. However, I like the idea of hanging treat boxes, more. Also, the pine cone box used to make the owl's belly is really interesting and very unique.

Click here for Standing Owl Treat Box instructions.
Click here for Hanging Owl Treat Box instructions.

If you decide to make any of the above, send me pictures!

Magical Drawings

I am a great fan of Kwee Eng's blog Owl Eng. She is a very talented artist who successfully sparks each of her drawings with a little bit of humour and brilliant interpretation. Visit her blog for more cheerful drawings and contact her if you like to buy her art.