Friday, October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween! + Cross Stitch Patterns and Kits by LiluXstitch

Hi everyone, I hope you all are well and staying safe. I guess the trick-or-treating night will not be the same this time. But whatever your plans are have fun! Dress up, eat candy and enjoy the evening with your family at home. Before I wrap up for the weekend, let me share these spooktacular cross-stitch patterns by Ozge Gul of Lilu Xstitch.

The halloween collection feature motifs like owl, cat, raven, bat, haunted house, house of horror, and ghosts. Besides the shown patterns, you can find christmas, botanical, nature, abstract and many more themed patterns. You can find the patterns and kits in Ozge's online store.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Artwork by Conservationist Printmaker Beatrice Forshall

Beatrice Forshall is a contemporary artist and printmaker born in France who grew up there and in Spain. She gained first class honors degree in illustration from Falmouth College of Art specializing in dry point engraving in her last year. She has always been passionate about wildlife and her work reflects her love for animals and themes central to conservation.

Her hand-painted drypoint engraving mainly focuses on species that are threatened by the wildlife trade. Through her work, Beatrice aims at raising awareness about endangered species, and the loss of their natural habitat due to human interference.

Beatrice has worked as an artist in residence with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. It is an ongoing collaboration between researchers, policy makers and practitioners from the University of Cambridge and leading biodiversity conservation organizations. 

She has worked with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, ICUN; TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network; BirdLife International and Flora and Fauna International. Her work is available in several galleries The Roundtree Tryon Gallery, Cricket Fine Art, Aubergine Art, The Rowley Gallery, British Art Portfolio, Harlequin Gallery and Forton Fine Art to name a few.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Halloween Themed Illustrations Painted on Wood Slice by Alexandra

Italy based artist and illustrator Alexandra paints magical paintings on recycled wood slices. I have been following her work for a while and featured her work on the blog earlier. She is currently working on halloween themed pieces featuring witch owl, crow, pumpkin, moon and autumn leaves. Her work inspired by nature is painted in intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Alexandra feels her work gives her chance to spend more time in the nature. She goes on walks and collects the wood pieces from fallen branches and dead trees. You can find her ornaments, jewelry and art print in her online store Magic Wood Creations.

Monday, October 26, 2020

New Halloween 2020 Collection by Johanna Parker

It's almost impossible to talk about Halloween without mentioning Johanna Parker's whimsical work. The new 2020 halloween collection is designed by the artist in her signature folk art style. This year's collection is created in collaboration with Bethany Lowe, Transpac and Vintage Halloween. There are cosmetic bags, jewelry, key chains, fabric, ornaments, cookie jars, and more. The collection is covered with motifs such as owl, cat, ghost, candy corn, raven, bat and other spooktacular patterns. 

Johanna has amassed huge fan base for her work all over the world. Her work is sought after by the collectors and art enthusiasts. You can find the shown products and more from the collection on her website.