Friday, January 31, 2014

Clocks by Nathalie Lete

A gorgeous collection of clocks by Paris based designer Nathalie Lete is perfect to decorate a kid's room or any room in the house. The clocks can be found here, here and here.

You can see more of her work featured in the past here.

Valentine Owl Pillow

I hope you have been enjoying all the valentine posts that I've featured on the blog the last few weeks. Now that the Valentine's day is only a couple of weeks away, I'll be sharing many more fun valentine themed posts with you. If you have any of your favorite valentine owl-themed craft project or a recipe then please leave me a comment with the link. I'd love to know and share with all. 

Today's lovely diy is by Andrea of Keeping it Cozy. Her tutorial is inspired by Pottery Barn owls for which she shared the instructions on her blog. For the entire tutorial and for the materials needed for the project click here.

Nutter Butter Owl Valentines

How can you not try making these little guys? They are just too cute! Melissa created the Nutter Butter Owl Valentines recipe for this blog and has also designed the "owl always be your friend!" tags that are free to download. These valentine owls are super easy and a fun way to make a homemade gift for your Valentine.

Things that you'll need:
Nutter Butters
white candy melts
pink food coloring
heart sprinkles
mini chocolate chips
wax paper
pretzel rods

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine Owl Tutorial

This is a fun and an easy tutorial which comes with step by step instructions to help you hand make a Valentine owl for someone special in your life (or for yourself!). For the entire tutorial and the supplies needed for the project click here. How cute are those wings!

Laonato Jewelry

Laonato is an online jewelry store that offers wide range of cute, affordable jewelry. Check out their handcrafted necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets here. There are so many sweet pieces but my favorite is the origami inspired owl necklace shown above. Did you see anything you liked here?

Printable Animal Sewing Cards

Download the cards and print...

poke holes, stitch...

keep making straight stitches on each fur line...

and done!

Get the free template of owl, fox, hedgehog and squirrel from here and collect the following things to make your own lovely animal cards. Happy stitching!
- ani­mal stitch­ing cards
- scis­sors
- straight pin
- nee­dle
- embroi­dery floss

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sleepy Owl Wall Clock

Oana Befort's gorgeous Sleepy Owl illustration (pinned) is now available on wall clocks here

Clay Opera Ceramics

Warsaw, Poland based artist Marta Turowska is the designer behind all the goodies at Clay Opera. She handmakes quirky, whimsical ceramics from an owl spoonrest, to a wolf shaped vessel  to a sleeping rabbit bowl.

From her website: "I am passionate for clay, glazes and paints. Each mug, bowl or dish coming out of my workshop has its own story, different inspiration. Each of my items has its individual character that I want to share with their future owners. At the start of XXth century, writer Nadezhda Mandelstam announced bitterly the beginning of an era of ugly things. I would love to bring back the beauty in everyday things: soap dishes, tea cups, sinks, butter dishes..."


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Robots Made From Trash by Anne Smith





Antelope from printer parts, VCR parts, typewriter parts, hard drive, ribbon cable, screws

Parrot from hair dryer, computer mice, electric sharpener, keyboards, typewriter parts, ribbon cable, car charger


I featured Anne P. Smith's amazing work previously here. I discovered some more of her new sculptures that once again left me in awe. How does she conceptualizes the pieces? Does she decides what she is making first and then collects the stuff she needs to make it or is it other way round? It would be great to know the process behind these robots. Isn't it?

DIY: Valentine Paper Roll Owls

You can create these cute Valentine owls using finished toilet paper rolls with the help of the tutorial shared by Debbie on her blog. This will be a fun project to do with your kids who can later use the owls to decorate with or hang them on the lights!

You'll need the following materials to make these Valentine’s day paper roll owls:
- toilet paper rolls
- scrapbook paper
- red and orange cardstock paper
- wiggle eyes
- pencil 
- scissors
- glue
- paint brush 
- circle puncher 
- heart stickers and ribbon

Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentine's Day Cards by Nineteen Seventy Three

Here are few of my favorite cards from the new Valentine's day collection by Nineteen Seventy Three.

Animal Cross Stitch Cards

You can download these animals and stitch them cozy jumpers with the help of templates given here. You can select from six cute designs - owl, bird, bear, dog, cat and a bunny or make them all for more fun. Just grab some thread, a needle and start stitching!

These can be used as ornaments, for making cards or for any other craft project.