Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Happy New Year 2020!

One more year has gone by; so much happened this past year - a mixture of some sweet memories and some hard lessons. I am grateful for both. As I am growing older, intangible things like peace and happiness have not only changed their meanings for me, but have also gone on top of the list of  things that I value the most in life. I truly believe that only once we have found true peace in our hearts, can we share it with our loved ones and spread it to the world. The seed of peace grows in us and branches out to compassionate actions towards other human beings, nature and other sentient beings.

I hope this new year brings peace and joy to each one of you. Happy new year my friends! See you in 2020 :)

Monday, December 23, 2019

Holiday Fabric Collection Designed by Bethan Janine


Every year holiday season brings so many festive fabric collection, this year I am enamored with 'Skogen' designed by Bethan Janine, a freelance pattern designer and an illustrator. This collection was designed by Bethan Janine for Dashwood featuring festive designs. The designer gave a contemporary twist to the traditional motifs. The owls, reindeer, doves, christmas trees, and snow flakes are designed in the holiday color palette with reds, blues, and whites. The collection offers nine fun designs in 100% cotton that are perfect for quilting, crafts, or home decor accents.

You can find the entire collection at here and here.