Friday, April 2, 2021

Artist Paints Thousands of Dots to Create Stunning Artwork


Erika Pochybova-Johnson also known as Ebova has been painting over 14 years. Erika is self-taught artist who is well-known in the field of art for her distinct style.

Texas based artist creates intricate artwork depicting natural world that evokes the sense of timelessness and ethereal majesty often inspired by symbolism and mythology of European folk art. To creates these mesmerizing paintings she utilizes an elaborate painting technique and metaphoric imagery to comment on everyday life.

Her work is influenced from Pointillism technique developed by Georges Seurat. It's a technique in which tiny dots of paint is applied to a canvas to form an image. The artist has to manually and strategically place thousands of dots one by one that slowly transforms into an owl, a horse, a parrot, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Ebova is the winner of several prestigious art competitions. Her work has been showcased in many galleries throughout the US. Her work has been published in multiple publications both nationally and internationally. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Street Art Incorporating Wall Cracks and Tree Stumps by David Zinn

I follow David Zinn's work on Instagram and have featured his artwork on the blog before here. David creates whimsical creatures in the street that will make anyone who sets their eyes on them fall in love. These pieces are temporarily created with charcoal and chalk that incorporate inanimate objects in the street such as water drain pipe, cracks in the wall, tree stumps, bricks or whatever the artist can use that compliments and completes his piece. Watch the Tedx Talk (video shared below) by him and to learn how this unique idea of mixing hand drawn doodles and objects in the street came to life.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Slice Style Graffiti Art by Jayn

Björn Lindner also known as Jayn is Lüneburg, Germany based graffiti artist. He has been painting massive sized animals and characters on walls since 1994. Over the years, he has developed his own unique style which he calls "slice-style".

Painting these gigantic pieces on walls is quite a labor intensive task that starts with a simple drawing on paper. The artist then transfers the drawing on a wall and the final piece is just jaw-droppingly amazing. His sliced animals look like a fusion between geometric shapes and mechanical parts. The colors and details in his work is just incredible. You can find art prints, stickers, cards and t-shirts based on his artwork on his website.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Package Design: Alpine Provisions

Alpine Provisions is a beauty brand based in Boulder, CO started by Joshua Onysko as a contribution to the beautiful planet we call Earth. The brand makes a wide range of products such as lip balm, deodorant and bar soap that are 100% biodegradable, natural, organic and sustainably sourced.

Their plastic-free range of body and skin care products are packaged in recyclable aluminum and sustainable paper. Each product features hand drawn animal illustration by an illustrator and tattoo artist Marisa Aragón Ware.

It took about 14 months to come up with the eco-friendly packaging and design but the results are stunning. The brand succeeded in coming up with the packaging design that's not only inspired by the natural world but is in sync with the ethical product it's holding.

The founder of the company Joshua Onysko has been plant-based since 1997 for animal-welfare reasons. This transformation happened when Joshua read how plastic pollutes our oceans and kills over 100 million marine animals a year. The contemporary and eye catching design will grab passer bys attention to a soap bar and give it a sniff.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Betty Pepper Gives New Life To Discarded Books By Turning Them Into Miniature Sculptures

Betty Pepper is a paper artist, designer, and a storyteller based in UK. In 2004, Betty graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Jewellery and Silversmithing from The University of Central England. 

She now creates paper sculptures that are narrative in nature often transporting the viewer to a whimsical world inspired by stories and poems. To make the paper sculptures she uses wire, old fabric scraps, and pieces of discarded books. She makes use of any paper she finds in a rummage from books with water-damaged pages to the books with missing pages. The above shown owl sculpture was at display in her village for an advent window countdown. Isn't it gorgeous!

"Re-using materials is an integral part of my work. I like to feel that they have ‘lived a little’ with their own story to tell showing signs of ageing and how they have been treated or, perhaps, mistreated."

She mostly works on miniature pieces depicting houses, birds, trees, kids and animals part of imaginative worlds. Betty's work has been exhibited in many galleries across the UK as well as internationally including Denmark, Munich, Italy and the Netherlands. Her work is available on