Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baubukas + Happy Diwali!

Baubukas is a team of talented artists from Vilnius, Lithuania. They create magical ceramics using needle-decorated engobe technique where a top layer of color is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. Each piece is carefully hand etched which makes every piece unique and highly detailed. These are some of my favorite brooches inspired by folk-lore, mythology and poetry. Each one is a piece of art in itself and the drawings on which the pieces are photographed are breath-taking. Some of these jewelry pieces are available on their recently opened Etsy store.

I am going to take tomorrow off to celebrate Diwali with my family. I will see you back here on Monday with bunch of new posts! Happy Diwali to all of you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Isak - Beautiful Happy Things

Isak's beautiful happy things collection has just gotten happier with these two new additions to their store - the tray and the wallpapers. The colorful tray is made of birch wood is perfect to serve snacks during holiday season. The Oak Tree and Owl are the cutest wallpapers ever! They are custom-made to fit your child's room.

Whimsy Whimsical

Whimsy Whimsical is a cute little store owned by Yee Von a freelance illustrator living in Malaysia. They sell wonderful paper goods including note cards, gift tags, bookplates, and prints with adorable pencil drawn illustrations of forest animals - fox, reindeer, squirrel, rabbit and owl. This owl bookplates come in a set of 12 in three beautiful designs. There is a print in the same design that belongs to 'Four Little Whimsies' illustration series. Check it out!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Animal Time: Junzo Terada

 These Happy Animal Time postcards are by Junzo Terada a Japanese artist and an illustrator. I love the cheerful illustration and muted hues in his work. The postcard books consists of 30 sturdy colorful cards suitable for both kids and adults. {Sold here.}

Owl Themed Birthday Party - III

Thank you Kelli Z. for sharing your son Rowan's first birthday party pictures with us. Everything looks great! Your friend did an amazing job with that cake. The little owl on the bottom left in the blue neck tie is so dapper!

Monday, November 1, 2010

2D Puzzles

This 2D animal puzzle set designed by Ingela Arrhenius consists of 12 super cute paper animals to built yourself. Available for only $9 at Swedishness.

{images from here}

Hooty Owls

Hooty Owls are made by Mr. Lemon Drizzle. These are so easy to make that there is no tutorial, but just simple easy instructions. Go to this blog to find out the surprising one thing used to make the owl's body. I particularly love that snowy owl!

Vintage Owl Milk Glass Jar

I came across this rare owl shaped milk glass jar on this auction website and instantly loved it. Have you guys seen anything like this before? Apparently, it's used for storing fruit jam.