Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Cards by Mattea's Hand

Here're some more adorable Valentine's day cards by Cayla Mattea Zeek a designer based in Los Angeles. Visit her online store - Mattea's Hand - for vibrantly colored cards inspired by birds and her love for puns.

Illustrations Made of Lino Shavings

These fun illustrations are made of lino shavings by Heather Moore. Visit her on Instagram to view more her wonderful and inspiring work.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Last-Minute Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Owl always love you printable to make a 5.5 x 4.25 inch folded card!

I think you're a hoot! mini card. Use an owl eraser, sticker or draw to decorate.

You are a hoot! Valentine's day card.

Love you a "latte" in four adorable designs.

Valentine's Day Cards by Ello Lovey

I didn't get around doing a round-up for Valentine's day cards this year. But I couldn't help but notice the internet swarming with cards with sweet illustrations that will perfectly present your feelings.

Rhianna Wurman of Ello Lovey created this whimsical collection of Valentine's day cards in her home studio in Asheville, NC.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stained Glass Sculptures by Jay Gubitz

Snowy owl

Zebra and Bird


Parrot and Scarlet Macaw

Screaming Eagle


American artist Jay Gubitz is known as the pioneer in using the stained glass for making 3D sculptures. His incredibly intricate and complex stained glass sculptures were inspired by nature, often featured three dimensional owls and birds. He was awarded First Place in the Gallery of Excellence at the Glass Craft Expo for his "Scarlet Macaw" sculpture. He also won Glastar's 3-D stained glass competition for both his "Peacock" and "Screaming Eagle" sculptures.

[images via]

Last Minute Valentine Gift Idea

This 'Owl always love you!' printable will make a great last minute gift to someone special in your life. If you have not yet thought about what to get for your Valentine then you still have time to make one with this printable. Simply download the 8 x 10 owl printable, print it and frame it. The cute owl is sure to make your Valentine's day even brighter! The printable can also be used to decorate a kid's room.

You are a hoot! is another sweet poster that can be printed and given this Valentin's day. This print will be a fun way to express your feelings to your significant other.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

8 Cute Owl Valentine's Day Treats

Owl you need is love edible cookie card. To make one for yourself find the instructions here.

Owl Heart Treats for Valentine's Day from Amy's Cooking Adventures.

Owl Always Love You Valentine's Day cookies by LilaLoa.

Owl be Your Valentine cake pops. For tutorial click here.

Owl cupcakes from here.

An adorable breakfast idea for kids, from here.

You're a hoot Valentine's cookies are so adorable! For the entire tutorial go here.

Cute Nutter Butter owls. Find the recipe on this website.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Beautiful Murals by Elizabeth Graeber

Elizabeth Graeber is a freelance artist and illustrator from Washington DC who has worked on art magazines, websites and several books.  But that's not where she stopped, she has taken her art to the streets in form of beautiful murals. Her quirky owl and bird murals adorn the walls of the local businesses including cafes, restaurants, boutiques and has painted murals in houses.

She has worked with Alice + Olivia, Warby Parker, Edible DC, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Penguin Random House, The Phillips Collection and more! Visit her website to view more wonderful mural work, illustrations and patterns. You can follow her blog for inspiration and creative ideas.