Friday, July 31, 2015

Japanese Artist: Shozo Ozaki

Shozo Ozaki is an artist living and working in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The primary subject matter of his work is cats, though his is also paintings other animals like owls and birds. His pieces are usually done in soft colors and have a serene feel to them. 

If you like, you can join his facebook page where he updates about his new work.

Let's Hoo Hoo Hula Cake Tutorial

Are you looking for a fun cake idea for your next party? I found this wonderful tutorial for "Let's Hoo Hoo Hula" cake by Melissa Diamond that teaches you how to make a hula owl cake. It's definitely something you don't see everyday. I adore the little owl in the hula dress and flowers. 

To make your own hula owl you'll need rice krispies to mold them into the owl shape, fondant, candy discs for eyes, vanilla wafers to make sand and of course, a cocktail umbrella. This owl cake is perfect for any beach themed wedding party, birthday party or baby shower. You'll find the entire tutorial with detailed instructions here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Skateboards With Amazing Illustrations

Laura Riedinger the talented mind behind the Cheyenne Illustrations is also a freelance illustrator in Strasbourg. Since the very childhood she was influenced by her mother and was drawing. 

She was noticed for her work by WAS magazine and was encouraged by them to continue along the path of graphic design and the illustration. She combined her talent with her hobby - snowboarding and started to create illustrated snowboards. She usually illustrates on recycled skateboards using pen that makes a unique and a fun art.

She shares on her website: "His universe, both realistic and dreamlike, features silhouettes and female portraits which mix symbols from the Native American culture, as well as animal figures."

Paper Mâché Heads by Abigail Brown

This adorable series of paper mâché animal heads is made entirely from newspaper by Abigail Brown in her studio in London. Each animal head is hand-painted with acrylic paint and pencil crayons to add texture and fine details. Every piece is unique and is ready to mount on the wall. There are over 40 animal heads currently available in her online store including owl, monkey, sloth, fox, generuk, tiger etc. They'll make a great gift to anyone who loves a beautiful piece of art.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hyper-real Pencil Drawings by Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a Croatian tattoo artist who now lives and runs a tattoo studio in Norway. When he is not making tattoos he likes to create these awesome drawings that look like real photographs. His drawings are highly detailed and some have been drawn in a way that makes them appear to jump right out of the page like those leaves. Simply beautiful!

I have spent a good amount of time browsing through his portfolio on Deviant Art looking at his work. I was in awe at the impressive realism in his drawings, each one is better than the next.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Playing Arts" A Deck of Playing Cards

"Playing Arts" is a collaborative project between the designers and illustrators from all over the world to transform something so ordinary such as playing cards into a unique art work. Each card in this deck has been individually designed by one of the 55 artists "with an idea to express their vision of an ordinary playing card using personal styles, techniques and imagination."

There are two editions of the Playing Arts cards so far. Edition one is available for purchase here and Edition two can be pre-ordered for early August. The images shown are from the first edition featuring owl card designed by Andreas Preis an artist from Germany. When the artist was asked what was the inspiration behind the concept he shared "I love owls! That’s more or less the concept… I had asked to do an ace, because I thought that’s where an owl might fit the most." 

You can view all the gorgeous cards on their website as well as on Instagram, and read wonderful interviews of the talented artists to learn more about them and their art. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Anja Mulder

Anja Mulder is a talented illustrator, a collection maker and a photographer from Holland. She has a great passion for drawing and has been drawing ever since she was a little girl. Her inspiration comes from music, nature, old books, the city, her kids, internet, friends, movies "there is a whole world of eye candy out there that is so inspiring to me." - she says.

"Usually I have a whole idea of the illustration must look like. It’s in my head, with clear lining. Then I start sketching, and the idea gets a more realistic shape. I draw a few pencil lines and ink the lines soon after that. Or, when I am impatient, I start inking immediately. It’s always a bit of a struggle to decide when a illustration is finished. Sometimes I draw too much, I can loose myself in drawing details. And then I make another drawing, just until I think it is right." - via.

You can see lot of detail in her drawings that are done on vintage paper that's sometimes patterned and have rough edges, stamped or have text on it which makes each of her drawing one-of-a-kind. You can visit her online store for prints, postcards, photographs on wooden tile.