Friday, January 22, 2010


Oh, How I love thee, how I long to wear thee today - The thought comes to my mind every time I look at the pictures above.

I shall leave you for the weekend with a fabulous site, Kkongss, that would tempt any fashionista. Wishing you a safe and happy weekend!

Friday Freebie!

This week's freebie is hand drawn printable card kit which can be used in number of fun ways. You can use the wording "You're so cute you make me wanna hoot!" for making a Valentine's card! Oh, one more thing, you'll need to register at Two Peas in a Bucket (which is easy and free) for downloading this special gift, no biggy, right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine's Cards

These are some of the darling Valentine day's cards which will not only make the day a little more special and sweeter but will also make your valentine's heart beat a little faster :) If you like this post, do let me know. Owl-promise for more owls!

{from top: Guess Whoo-oo by Luxe Paperie, Woodsy Owl by Rock Scissor Paper, Owl Always Love You by Hero Design Studio, Owl Lovers by Night Owl Paper Goods, Owl Be My Friend by Minted, Stitched Polkadot Owl by Polkadotshop.

~Valentine's Day Giveaway~

While browsing through Fantastic Toys blog, I came across their Valentine's day special giveaway. What could be a better present for your valentine than this sweet pink owl softie? To win this, hop on to their blog and follow the instructions to enter. Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Justin Richel

I love, LOVE these unusual and intriguing prints of Justin Richel. The first print featuring birds stacked in a shape of a tree is my favorite. You must make a stop and stay a little while to thoroughly admire his work. Shhhh, Between you and me, there are also cupcakes and wigs that you have never seen before.

Bonbi Forest: {Raspberry Scarf}

This raspberry colored bright scarf is hand printed with a repeating design of owls, deers, houses, balloons, trees and hand rendered patterns. It's has been printed with environmentally friendly water based ink on 100% cotton and available in four versatile colors - lemon, teal blue, raspberry and olive green at Bonbi Forest.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Owl Cupcakes and Cake

Sara is a pastry chef and a mom of two boys who loves "to bake and to make people happy" with her baked goods. Her long client's list includes Howard Stern. Yep! she baked a cake for his 56th birthday party (not this one:). The above shown pictures are of birthday cake and cute cupcakes that Sara baked for her client, Olivia. These cupcakes will also make a great valentine present. Do you think so too?
Images: {Flickr}

Ikea's Bird Tray

This has to be the cutest and colorful bird tray, by Ikea.

Monday, January 18, 2010

{Hope For Peace}

Today, I want to talk about something that needs our attention, now. A few days ago, two kids (Suby and Vasu) knocked at my door for some donation. I asked them where did they come from and which organization where they associated with. After a brief conversation, my heart melted and I invited them inside to talk some more. Soon, I found out that they were from a Kashmir Children's Relief Camp. These were the children whose parents were killed in Kashmir and they had to abandon their houses and run to save their lives. They had been in Delhi for over 2 months hoping for government to give them houses where they can live without the every minute fear for their lives. These are two sweet little kids who leave their camp each day in a group and disperse to different areas of the city to meet back in the evening after collecting food, money or what ever they are offered. I talked with them and learnt that there are over 1100 families living in the camp and are deprived of basic necessities like food, water and shelter. I promised them that I'll visit their camp with food. Yesterday, I went with my husband to the camp and was saddened by what I saw. I took some pictures of the surrounding they are living in to share online with you to spread awareness of the most inhumane state they are living in. We donated food to the families and sweets to the children. As we were leaving I decided that I'll talk about them to as many people as possible, may be some of us will come forward to help them get at least three squares of meals a day. If you are interested, you can see some of the photos I have uploaded here. I picked out the above shown painting by Rachael which I think is so appropriate for this post. I too hope for peace in the world.

Bee Thing + 4th Dimension

Welcome to a new week of My Owl Barn for lots of fun finds! Thanks for your comments on Friday's post. I loved the movie! I watched Avatar in 3D, which was great. It's a new technology in India and the movies in 3D are shown only in a handful of movie theaters. I am so glad I got the tickets, yay! I would love to watch it again, but this time in 4th Dimension. I had no idea what 4D was until last week when me and friends got into a discussion of understanding the differentiation between 3D, IMAX 3D and 4D. You must read about this new fascinating 4D technology on Wikipedia, you'll be blown away. I am sorry if I am boring you with all this technical talk but I had to share with you this new revolutionary experience in the world of entertainment. If you have watched anything in 4D do share your experience with all of us here. I have heard there are theaters in Singapore which are currently running few movies in 4D. Is that right?

Back to the post, these brown bags are screen printed with fun, colorful illustrations and are available in limited edition by Bee Things. You would never want to go back to plain, brown, boring lunch bag!