Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Rare Vintage Owl Products on Etsy

Carlton Ware Owl Money Bank, from here.

Hornsea Owl Mugs designed by  John Clappison. From here and here.

Ulster Weavers owl kitchen towel, from here.

Hand-painted porcelain owls by Rörstrand, designed by Sylvia Leuchovius. From here.

Owl plate hand-painted by P. Michaylou Delphi, Corinthian period. From here.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Quirky Paper Mache Mobiles by Kim Baise


Kim Baise is a Los Angeles based artist who makes super cool mobiles with papier mache, paint and sticks found on her walks. She then assembles each mobile with natural hemp twine. She sells her work under the name - Jikits - there are succulents, ice cream cones, circus, teepees, fruits and animals. The quirky mobiles "represent the side of me that enjoys being trapped in my own inner world" she shares. These mobiles can instantly bring cheer to any room of your house.

Visit her gallery on Flickr to view her many more fun hanging worlds by the artist. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hushh Stewards Soapery: Packaging Concept

I generally don't feature concept designs but this one is so chic and elegant that I couldn't resist sharing with you. Hushh Stewards Soapery is a soap packaging project designed by Rosie Gopaul, a student designer based out of Vancouver, BC. 

"The packaging features five mythical goddesses who claim their own sacred steward to conceal private love lives, fortunes, and tragedies. A bar of soap is offered as a cleansing solution to freshen up of any burden, while paired with a key as a symbolic take-away.

It captures the essence of indulging in a quiet bath or a glass of wine with your closest, and trusted, caretaker. The goal is to bring each individual package to life and with substance; fulfilling on many levels. Each box is illustrated after iconic owls who are historically paired with their deity."

For the project Rosie created a sophisticated design for wine bottles and detailed owl illustrations for the soap boxes in soft hues.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kate Endle's New Ink Collage Series

Hello friends, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and got some rest. To start our week here, I prepared this post with new Ink Collage series by my all time favorite illustrator and collage maker Kate Endle based out of Washington. She recently introduced ink collage as the newest style to create wonderful paintings. To form ink collage pieces she uses Japanese paper, once dried she cuts it up and glues to a stretched canvas. Her work is an appealing blend of watercolor texture, bold lines, dots and organic shapes. Her signature styled cute owls can be found in this new style. 

Her online store Eclectic Whimsey has art prints that are available for purchase. You can also follow her on Facebook where she posts updates on her new work and schedules for the upcoming markets, if you wish to see her work in person.