Friday, October 4, 2019

Intricately Embroidered and Hand Painted Brooches by Jane Mitchell-Finch

Jane Mitchell-Finch is a graphic designer and a self-taught textile artist. She makes beautiful free machine embroidered brooches of animal and people portraits, vegetables, fruits, and landscapes on vintage linen. Each piece is hand-painted by the artist and intricately embroidered using a sewing machine.

Over the years she has designed birds, owls, popular characters like Frida Kahlo, sardine tins, cameras, typewriters, sewing machines and many more! These lovely embroidered pieces can be worn on a jacket or framed to hang on a wall. She has exhibited her work at several local markets and fairs. She also teaches workshops at her cottage in Brampton, near Beccles. For dates and more information on upcoming workshop, click here.

You can find her unique brooches in her online stores here and here.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Driftwood and Found Objects Turned Into 3-Dimensional Artwork

Kirsty Elson is a multi-media artist working and living in Cornwall, UK. She creates three dimensional artwork using driftwood, shells, and other found objects from her neighborhood beaches. She loves to work with driftwood since every piece is unique so whatever she creates with it is one-of-a-kind. 

Her work is inspired by her surroundings, but mostly inspired by the materials she finds. She also receives wooden scarps from friends and family which she wouldn't have otherwise found. This works as a challenge for her to create something that she has never created before, and keeps her work ever evolving and fresh. To make an owl she would use rusty nails for a branch, metal nuts for feet, and washers for eyes. You can find more of her unique pieces on Instagram.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Paper-cut Artwork Inspired By Old Botanical Drawings

Anna Cook is a paper artist who specializes in multi-layered papercuts. She captures the personalities of animals and birds in their natural habitat. She finds inspiration in old botanical drawings and contemporary patterns and designs. She cuts, folds and molds every single piece of paper in a way so her finished piece looks three dimensional. She uses scalpel to individually hand-cut each feather and emboss them with special tools. Her work is highly detailed and intricate which gives her artwork a delicate feel.

You can follow her on instagram for behind the scenes pictures and announcements for her future events and shows.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Soft Sculptures Inspired by Woodland and Folklore by MarrieKo

Russian artist Marrie Kochepasova makes amazing felted sculptures inspired by woodland creatures and folklore. She doesn't draw before starting to felt, she just grabs wire and begins to shape it into the subject matter she has in mind. For felting she uses sheep's wool and beads. Once the piece is finished, it's attached to a wooden plaque or housed in a cardboard box, ready to hang on the wall. She offers free shipping worldwide!

Besides making sculptures she also designs and makes jewelry with amethyst, red carnelian, labradorite, moonstone and other semi-precious stones. Have a look at one-of-a-kind pieces in her online store - MarrieKo.